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Zune VLC skin 1.0

By ReksVeks
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A Zune skin for VLC cause sadly the beauty of zune is inhibited by the fact it doesn't play alot of videos therefore this is for people who want the look of zune with the functionality of VLC. A white version will be coming soon

I did this as i was trying to skin FF to look like IE9 but got disappointed by the sheer difficulty of it. I made this and I know that it is missing a lot of features and would make it better. I will update it soon probably tomorrow but it is getting late at time of submitting and I want sleep.

Update 1| Added Shuffle and Repeat buttons and made volume look like Zune however a lack of knowledge is preventing me from making the volume slider work exactly like Zune's

Update 2| Created Playlist window and full screen controller and volume slider

Suggestions will be welcomed
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I have a really good suggestion: upload this elsewhere and stop making people register on DeviantArt to download this, thank you.

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This is great but it needs some work.

1) The top of the frame comes off when you move the player around and just sits on the desktop.
2) Scroll wheel volume control is lost.
3) Ctrl+H no longer shows advanced controls
4) Ctrl+L no longer shows playlist.
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Are you still accepting suggestions?
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where can i download this???
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right click download and click open link in new tab
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where to put the.vlt file?
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  • On Windows: the skins folder in the VLC installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\VLC\skins)
  • On Linux/Unix: ~/.local/share/vlc/skins2
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Great skin !
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