So, it’s been a while

So! Where have i been? Well, I’m not gonna bore anyone, so I don’t need to say.

Am I gonna post art here again? Yes

Am I gonna work on the Smash Bros x Pokémon? For those who care, heck yes.

What’s my plan? I've actually had some Fighters done for a while, but now, I’ll post them here. With maybe 10 or so Fighters left to draw, including Min Min.Then, I feel like coloring them myself. And this might take til the end of summer, given my schedule . I can’t promise to be done by then, but I’m not gonna give up on this project.

BOTTOMLINE: Smash Bros x Pokémon is back


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The Hero(es) are Eeveelutions, but I'm gonna try to draw them like there's from Toriyama's design

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Leave it to DA on my phone to screw up my update