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I just want to tell some stories
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SBxP: ('Official') Wave 8


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SBxP: ('Official') Wave 8


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SBxP: ('Official') Wave 8

Pokemon x Anything

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CW I: Oborrell

Emergant Advent

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II- Birthrights: SiSters and SinS - Broken Pride


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CW III- Carbuncle: Gems in the Tree of Life

The Radiant March

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CWIV- XIII/0: In the Cards (Cover)

Thirteen Over Zero

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Cross World. Crisis

Surge of Crisis

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Saki Niohara

The Conflagration of Generations

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Noctis Astrum: Noah Stelwert

Fuga per Noctis Astrum

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Nikolai Faphmnur


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Paradox Chronicles

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Cross World: Sekai

Tsukoi Sekai

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Shelk Faust

The Penaltima Ark

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Eris (Redesign)

The Dream's Finale

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The Great Wolf: Haol

Transversed Origin

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World of Abyss Map: Cross World XIV

The Proto-Genesis

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Deadmen's Game: Basic Guide

───This was the entertainment of a distant world, in a distant realm. It was also the religion and the destiny to all creatures in this world. For this was a mad realm ruled by Gods who only sought amusement and clarity for their experiment. Notes: Deadmen: a race of human enriched with magical abilities by the gods of that realm (__): notes or meaning/translations of the following word or statement Italicized: important terms relevant to the world and/or the Game. Deadmen’s Game The Game’s Origin *The following script is the direct translation from old Etverra lore*    Eons ago, four otherworldly gods desc

Ephemeral Uprising

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The Chest

Echoes of Life

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Character Design Final Project: Mrs. Pratchett


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The Phantom (Redesigned)


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