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Smash x Pokemon: Week 4


Week 4 (Jan 28- Feb 2) of Fighters as Pokemon, I took a break because I was communing with others on a Smash Bros Card Game Project. I guess you guys could check it out: Smash Bros (CG) This week, I did most of the original N64 Fighters, but I didn't do Luigi because I haven't figured out what I want Mario as yet

02- Darmanitan: Looks a little odd, but I feel like I wouldn't question it if Donkey Kong looked like this back then. And I felt Slaking didn't fit.

03- Decidueye: Okay, so I just used WEEDle's design as reference, What-If, except I added more details on the items, and changed the posture, etc. Don't get me wrong, the Aegislash Shield and Master Sword was a neat concept but I just thought it might have been too much.

04- Genesect Armor: Inside is a Mienshao, and Dark Samus will probably be a mix of Deoxys and a Nihilego.

05- Goodra/Sliggoo: I could have gone Dinosaur like Tyrunt or Cranidos, but I always liked the more cuddly dragon that is Goodra. Probably because I thought it was a bigger, slimy version of Yoshi.

07- Flareon: Like Falco, I made a Pokemon anthropomorphic. I didn't go with Braixen or Delphox because I felt they were too feminine and fluffy, not speedy or physically strong enough.

10- Espurr: There isn't much Psychic Pokemon pre-evolutions that could match the Earthbound styles.

11- Buff Scrafty: This one was a little iffy, I could have gone with a Talonflame or Hawlucha, but that wouldn't be good for driving the Blue Falcon. Hawlucha would have been better probably. Otherwise, there's Sawk, but I just wasn't sure and I was out of time. But I don't know, I just liked my idea of a Scrafty using the shedded skin as a scarf and body suit.

Hope these designs interest you, and if anyone wants to see more of our project’s progress, ask about our Discord

What Your Favorite Fighter as a Pokemon?

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Gotta love the design for Link! Love the fact that he's a Decidueye! <3

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Thank you,

I might have to fix his positioning, now that I'm looking at him again.

I'll do it for when I'm coloring them all

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young link = rowlet
toon link = dartrix right?
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Well, no, for those are completely different timelines and Links all together.
That's why I did two different Zeldas as well. 
Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 3 by RekstheEnigma  
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ok toon link is? a gallade?
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Nah that's Marth.
Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 2 by RekstheEnigma
Toon Link would be too young for that anyways. And I think I'd go with a Buizel since Toon Link is sea-themed
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This entire series is amazing! Keep up the great work!
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