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With this, this should be all of the Fighters, barring the Miis and the PKMN Trainers. Oh, and Game & Watch. They'll be shown eventually. Now I'll be coloring and retconning all my fighters. But Not anytime soon. These drawings left me pretty winded.

25e- Samurott

38- Shaymin, Drawn as if he was a Sonic character

47- Medicham (I'm not sure how I'd make the Male Trainer, just a muscular Medicham?)

57- Absol, (A bit cliche, but couldn't think of any other mons that fit)

66- Kommo-o, 66e- Sawk; Belmont Family have traits of Virizion and high Sp Def.  

70- Liepard, Arsene = Combo; Mega Absol, Darkrai, Spiritomb, and Bisharp

74- Eeveelutions, 11 = Espeon, 8 = Leafeon, 4 = Vaporeon, 3 = Jolteon. (Don't even ask about the other Heroes...)

75- Indeedee (M & F) 

76- Flygon, (I felt Flygon looked better for a chinese dragon feel than a Mienshao)

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here's the DLC's.

Piranha Plant: Mawile

Joker: Male Unfezant

Hero 1: Dragonite with Reshiram body

Hero 2: Salamance with Tyrantrum body

Hero 3: Goodra with Mega Charizard X body & Dedenne

Hero 4: Garchomp with Noivern body and with Haxorus arms

Banjo & Kazooie: Ursaring & Ho-Oh

Terry: Cinderace

Byleths: Bayleef with male & female Salazzles body

Min min: Flygog with steel Hydreigon arms

Steve: Eiscue (I don't know what Alex, Zombie and Enderman are gonna be.)

Sephiroth: Silvally with Mewtwo body and with Darkrai skirt and with Arceus legs and with Articuno wing

Pyra: Braixen

Mtyhra: female Lucario

(Rex: Flareon with Charmeleons body )