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Smash x Pokemon: 8

I actually compiled these a week ago, but didn't post them until now. I'm also veeeeerrry close to finishing all of the lineart for the fighters. Then I've got to color, but during that period, I'm gonna actually retcon some fighter choices because either a Gen 8 Pokemon fits said fighter better.... or I regret my choices. A little too late regret this project in general... but.. I actually don't.
I'm gonna make a poll for the "Waves" of Colored Fighters. That will be the period where you can say what I should commit to this design, or say this fighter would have been better as (this). Probably.

4e- Deoxys

25- Quilava, Entei cape - Yeah I know Roy is known as "The Young Lion". But I'n not a fan of Pyroar or Litleo, and Typholsion sorta has a mane

29- Mienshao (Might be retconned)

30- Greedent, It looks like I turned him into a Broodal

32- Lycanroc ('Dawn' Forme)

45- Alcremie - Since you can customize your Villager, I thought Alcremie was fitting. Disregarding that they're suppose to be all female

59- Bolthund and Ducklett

60- Pangoro 

60e- Blaziken

67- Feraligatr

70- Carnivine

73- Bewear & Cramorant

74- Cinderace, some Zacian traits as (The Legendary Wolf)

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here's a SSBU x Pokemon wave 8 (its because you disabled the comments of that post)

Inklings: Inkays

Ridley: Aerodactyl with arms

Simon: Chesnaught

Richter: Kommo-o & Dhelmise

King K. Rool: Krookodile

Isabelle: Fennekin