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Smash x Pokemon: 7

I've making these still since the last time I posted the project, but I felt like I needed a long break from drawing Pokemon to work on my own original project.
I finished compiling this a week or two ago, Jun 19?

14- Drednaw (I'm glad I waited for Gen 8 to come out, because I was gonna make a mess with Turtonator, Aggron, and maybe Blastoise)

28- Togetic (The only Angel-like Pokemon I could think of)

28e- Black Togetic (A literal mirror copy in Uprising)

44- Mightyena

54- Hatterene

58- Chewtle, Mr. Rime Car

62- Haxorus body with the Eon Duo fusion

63- Florges with Grimmsnarl Hair (Umbral Witch = [Female] Grimmsnarls/ Lumen Sage = [Male] Florges) 

65- Naganadel with Mega Aerodactyl parts

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Personally, I think that Groudon would suit Bowser better. Both are reptiles with an affinity for magma and they share similar builds. Just add the shell and hair, and viola.

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Mmm.... thematically, yes

I admit I wasn't thinking about that when I made this.

I don't know. Right now, I can't imagine it, and I wanna finish all my unfinished works before I go back to retconning stuff.

But personally, I kind of like how this Drednaw looks the closest to Bowser. But if you can draw it and make it work, shell and all, then that's great.

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Fair point. The work is nice, though.

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Nice to see you again

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