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Smash x Pokemon: 6

Yes, I'm still making this not topical project.

I can't even remember when I made this..... August 12... apparently... Jeez-louise....

01- Pignite (People liked that option more than Rhydon and Magmar)

09- Pignite (They're twins.... Maybe could have been a Grumpig.....)

13- Lilligant

13e- Steenee

18- Doctor Pignite

22- Chespin/Quilladin

23- Salazzle (male) [If you think about it, Salazzles are the Gerudos of Pokemon]
36- Monferno
37- Ralts as Lucas, and Ekans as Rope Snake
39- Delibird
43- Oshawott (I was gonna go Buizel, but Oshawott was smaller and cuter)
61- Mawile (Noboody can deny Crossdressing Cloud because of that recent FF7 Remake trailer now)
64- Inkay mixed with Smeargle

Btw I've been calling it a Collab, but barely anyone had helped me unless I paid them. Even then, they kind of bailed on me for the most part. But I am gonna finish this thing if it kills me.

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