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Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 3


Week 3 (Jan 11-18) of Fighters a Pokemon, this took a little longer, but I feel more satisfied with this week. I need to wrap something up this week, so less PxSmash

Still in need of more Artists to help with the mural.

16- Alolan Ninetales + Meloetta: This is Sheik from Ocarina of Time mixed with Breath of the Wild. I had to make that version of Zelda to get a sense of the concept.

17- Diancie + Meloetta: All Zelda are descendants of the Skyward Sword Zelda, which is Meloetta.

20- Swellow: All Star Fox Fighters should be anthropomorphic because of that universe

27- Cosmoem + Various: Was tough. Should match Kirby/Cosmog, but needs to be evolved or a mutate. So I added some bug Pokemon features, like Accelgor wrappings and mask with Golisopod armor and Crobat wings.

31- Sceptile: Snake was never a literal snake. But.... to keep that theme... Liquid would also be a Sceptile with a Serperior tail, Solidus is a Mega Sceptile, and Big Boss is a regular old Sceptile.

34- Ivysaur: Looks okay. As dinosaur-toad can be.

40- Clefairy & Zygarde Cells + Flabebe: You know, there's actually few extraterrestrial Pokemon. Maybe I should have drawn the nose.... It's probably gonna be hard to explain Louie and the rest of the Hocatites if they're all Clefairy. And I thought, 100 Zygarde Cells at a time, 100 Pikmin at a time.

48- Primarina + Cresselia + Jirachi & Luma =Minior: I remember that storybook and thought if she was originally from the Mushroom Kingdom, as a Popplio girl, and became a space goddess over time. So yeah. And I didn't like the Minior Core Eyes on Lumas

55- Reuniculus + Electrode: This was my brother and another person's suggestion, and I  stand by it.

70- [Undecided] - Mawile or Carnivine?

Please tell me which you prefer?

Hope these designs interest you, and if anyone wants to see more of our project’s progress, ask about our Discord.

What Your Favorite Fighter as a Pokemon?

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Very cool concepts! Interesting theme for sure
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Nice :)
I'd go Carnivine