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Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 1


This week, I started the “Super Smash Mons Ux” or “Super Poké-Smash Bros. Ux” on Wednesday. Then I picked four numbers from a random number generator and did sketches of those.

Still in need of more Artists to help with the mural.

01- I haven’t decided which Mario looks better, I did a Rhydon because it’s actually the first Pokémon ever made. Magmar was P1XUS's idea, and Pignite was Orochi-smith's idea

19- I wanted to include the actual Pokémons, so I’ll be making them into more realistic versions. Pichu will resemble more of a Mouse while Pikachu is a cross of a Rabbit & Mouse

42- Magearna + Klinklang: Magnetism to move

56- Meowstic: I didn’t get time to do Female Robin, but it would have been a Female Meowstic.

**The Fire Emblem cast will be more human-like to fit their continuity of holding weapons

Hope these designs interest you, and if anyone wants to see more of our project’s progress, ask about our Discord.

Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

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I think Pignite as Mario is quite fitting.

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Kinda redundant to use a Pokemon for a Pokemon X Smash Bros piece don't ya think? :XD:
I like the Pignite version of Mario :)
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Well, I'd wanna to make them more animal or realistic-like. Cuz I didn't want to exclude anyone.

And well, I almost think a Pig would look better on Wario.
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Feel like a Hippopitas would be better for him
RekstheEnigma's avatar
Hey, not a bad one there. Better make a note of that...
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Love the concept 👍
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