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Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 2

Week 2 (Jan 6-10) of Fighters a Pokemon, and Pokemon as Detective Pikachu movie mock ups. Don't asked how I got these numbers.

Still in need of more Artists to help with the mural.

06- Cosmog: When I thought about it along with Star Allies, this would be the most fitting, I thought.

12- Jigglypuff, it really would tough to make Jigglypuff realistic than making it a creepy frog thing. Furby it was then.
15- Cubchoo = Popo, and Teddiursa = Nana: No one knows if they're related or lovers, but don't matter.

21- Gallade = Marth: I did liked the idea for WEEDle's choice, but I disagree for how them made the weapons
21e- Gardevoir + (...something) = Lucina: I also liked the idea of the Sacred Swords being part of the Royal families, but Lucina needed to be Marth for story, so... try those. And so, the Fire Emblem marriage system can make it screwy for the Future/Child units

35- Charizard: I rather liked how this dragon turned out.

49- Crabrawler: I would have been easier for Hitmochan or a Machoke to turn into Machamp for Giga Mac, but I thought the shrimpy Crab was better, and it'd turn into the hulky Crabominible for his Final Smash. It's probably because I saw this by :icongamesteraxela:

68- Lillipup + Chansey: Well, ain't she precious?

Hope these designs interest you, and if anyone wants to see more of our project’s progress, ask about our Discord.
Which one has been your favorite so far?

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i think that captain falcon should be a blaziken infernape fusion
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Not a bad idea, but I thought of using Blaziken for Ken. And I rather not do any repeats unless it made sense, like maybe the Mario Bros. idk yet.

But I was thinking that the good Captain could be a buff Scrafty with Talonflame emblems and traits. But I'll probably need some more sketching. I'll consider your idea though
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Interesting fusions of smash fighter and Pokemon ^^
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So which have been your favorites so far?
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Not sure yet, but I do like Kirby's
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