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SBxP: Wave 4

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Part of the Smash Bros x Pokemon Series I started in January 2019, worked on for 2 months, took a break, then a hiatus, then a summer's worth to finish.... nearly all of the Fighter sketches. Each Color Wave will have 8 Fighters, or more if there's an Echo.

I didn't feel like drawing the PKMN Trainer(s) quite yet. Maybe them along with the Miis will be the last ones I make.
Btw, let me know if I should make a "Radiant Dawn" Ike as well.

#:   Pokemon
27-   Cosmoem, with Accelgor Cloak & Golisopod Armor 
28-   Togetic
28e-   Black Togetic
29-   Lopunny
30-   Greedent
31-   Sceptile, + Servine Tail
32-   Lycanroc 'Dawn Form" (Radiant Path)
33-    'Real' Squirtle
34-   'Real' Ivysaur
35-   'Real' Charizard
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here's mine again.

Meta Knight: Forretress with Cosmoen body

Pit & Dark Pit: dartrix with Trumbeak body and with Fletchinder's wings on their back.

Zero Suit Samus: Lopunny

Wario: Skuntank with Greedent body

Snake: Seviper with Sceptile body

Ike: Terrakion

With "cosmeom" you mean "cosmoem", right?

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I love your picks! They fit the characters so well!

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