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SBxP: ('Official') Wave 2

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Part of the Smash Bros x Pokemon Series I started in January 2019, worked on for 2 months, took a break, then a hiatus, then a summer's worth to finish.... nearly all of the Fighter sketches. Each Color Wave will have 8 Fighters, or more if there's an Echo.

Some these took more time to color, but I'd say most of these turned out swell.

#:   Pokemon
09-   Pignite
10-   Espur
11-   Hawlucha
12-   'Real' Jigglypuff
13-   Lilligant
13e-   Steenee
14-   Drednaw
15-   Cubchoo & Teddiursa
16-   Alolan Ninetales, (with Meloetta Ancestry)
17-   Diancie, (with Meloetta Ancestry)

Captain Falcon was changed from Scrafty to Hawlucha

I'm thinking of posting these every two weeks. I do wanna wrap up these colors before the end of the year

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here's mine again.

Luigi: Eevee

Ness: Meowstic

Captain falcon: Talonflame

Peach: Diancie with Tsareena hair

Daisy: Floette

Bowser: Blastoise

Ice climbers: Plusle & Minum

Sheik & Zelda: Primarina with Meloetta ancestry

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That is so cool!!