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SBxP: ('Official') Wave 1

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Part of the Smash Bros x Pokemon Series I started in January 2019, worked on for 2 months, took a break, then a hiatus, then a summer's worth to finish.... nearly all of the Fighter sketches. Each Color Wave will have 8 Fighters, or more if there's an Echo.

Okay, so I said that I'd make poll to show the Fighters I wanted retcon and change Pokemon from the original sketches. Then I realized, I would feel confident if I did. Then I thought it was redundant and a waste of time. So I went ahead with my decisions and I'm glad I did, and I'm kind of proud on how they came out.

#:   Pokemon
01-   Pignite
02-   Rillaboom
03-   Decidueye
04-   Genesect/Zygarde Armor
    04e- Deoxys
05-   Goodra
06-   Cosmog
07-   Flareon
08-   'Real' Pikachu

Donkey Kong
, Changed from Darmanitan to Rillaboom
Samus, Added Zygarde features to the Power Suit and fixed the pose

And this will be the only time I say this: Pikachu and the actual Pokemon Fighters looks weird and different because I didn't want to exclude them as Pokemon, so I drew all of them as Realistic Pokemon. And I've already posted the Pokemon Fighters on my page


I'm gonna take another break from drawing Pokemon, but I do want to be a lot more consistent in adding finishing this project with these Color Waves. So maybe once a month...? I don't know, I'm really bad at keeping a schedule for my works

I hope those that want to see more show a bit support going forward. Just a like or thumbs-up, I'm not asking for much, but making all these design alone for months with this commitment and passion has been really taxing.. Sorry for sounding sore and indulgent. Well.. Do what you want, and hope y'all stay healthy, happy, and safe.

Other Waves 
Wave 1: 01- 08: here
Wave 2: 09- 17: here
Wave 3: 18- 26: here
Wave 4: 27- 35: here
Wave 5: 36- 44: here
Wave 6: 45- 56: here
Wave 7: 57- 63: here
Wave 8: 64- 69: here
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here's mine.

mario: Pikachu

DK: Rillaboom

link: Decidueye

Samus: Deoxys

Dark samus: Genesect

Yoshi: Bagon with Goodras body

Kirby: Cosmog

Fox: Braixen