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‘Into a New World of chaos and the unknown, three siblings are plunged into surreal journeys where they might have to: save their doomed town, find their own freedom, and learn about their hidden history. How will they make it through their fates?’
I started the lineart in November, took a break to work on other stuff. Then made the 6 new characters from different Colonies on the far right on separate character sheets. Then it took a week to add color design every one of these character from scratch along with the lighting and background.

I know there's still some flaws to the work with crowding, lighting, etcs, but at this point, I don't care anymore. Until I say so, this is how I paint and draw this project. There's probably way too many details that only I can understand right now.
I doubt anyone would actually ask me the meanings, and these are all party members or supporting people to the protagonists.

Guess I should give names: (Left to Right)
Far Left Group:
      Hayden Maikura: Candidate for 7th Arclight Mayor
      Elise Maikura: Odd-Job Elise
Kellen: The Mystery Orphan
Ylnychta Shepard: ?????

Middle Group: 
      Sabino Andelusio:                 Arclight Town's     Loyal Enforcer
      Erwin Cherang:                     Arclight Town's    Yellow-bellied Defender
      Tin Magnifio Stannzo:            Arclight Town's    Split-Headed Son of the Miller
      Terry Roosewan:                    Arclight Town's   Carpentry Squire
      Lillianna Autumnale:              Arclight Town's    Harlot Nurse
      Nerren Roosewan:                 Arclight Town's    Transvestite Archer
      Arnesse Fei Hunn:                 Arculus Peaks'     Tailed Jiangjuin of the Cinqu-long

Far Right Group (Bottom Up):
      Ako:                                     Arcamarine Hamlet's  Drenched Monk 
      Ren:                                                   The Fairy 
      Inzlo Qubais:                         Arceaphic City's  Senseless Bionic Inventor
      Aile Silva-Avlis:                      Arcoccio Range's  Trans-Colonial Minstrel
      Vaatneir Valdyr Surryaluk:      Archelios Caravan's  Daylight Father
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