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We show Pokemon x fandom stuff
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Smash x Pokemon: Week 5: All Pokemon by RekstheEnigma Smash x Pokemon: Week 5: All Pokemon :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 81 13 P1XUS's Vuroa: Pokemon OC - Lillian by RekstheEnigma P1XUS's Vuroa: Pokemon OC - Lillian :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 12 5 Smash x Pokemon: Week 4 by RekstheEnigma Smash x Pokemon: Week 4 :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 25 7 Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 3 by RekstheEnigma Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 3 :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 14 2 Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 2 by RekstheEnigma Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 2 :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 14 6 Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 1 by RekstheEnigma Smash Bros x Pokemon: Week 1 :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 17 5
The Pokemon x Smash Project (LOOKING FOR ARTISTS)
Sorry for the radio silence from Reksy pal here, everyone, but you all might get a kick from this!
A few people and I decided before Christmas: "Let's turn the Smash Characters into Pokemon" like I do.... Yep, we're gonna turn all 69 + 6 more Fighters into Pokemon and plaster them into our own version of the "Everyone is Here" Mural. And if you're wondering, the actual Pokemon would look like almost real animals.
Even started a Discord, made a planning stage, and probably will begin the work next week.
Anyone can join the Discord if you ask me, but...
No One There will tolerate trolls, bullies, or harassers. You'll be excommunicated if the board and I find that out!!
 Maybe you don't deserve to see it if ya do....
Well, with that out of the way... actually...
We're still in need of a couple of Character Designers and/or Background Artists
It might be first come first serve, but leave a comment, we'll look at your work and how serious you wa
:iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 2 0
One Piece x Pokemon: Straw Hats Pirates by RekstheEnigma One Piece x Pokemon: Straw Hats Pirates :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 70 5 Persona and Xenoblade + Pokemon by RekstheEnigma Persona and Xenoblade + Pokemon :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 18 1 MARVEL x Pokemon: Thor by RekstheEnigma MARVEL x Pokemon: Thor :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 19 8 God of War x Pokemon by RekstheEnigma God of War x Pokemon :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 17 3 Pokemon 'in' Cuphead: Garchomp by RekstheEnigma Pokemon 'in' Cuphead: Garchomp :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 17 2 II- Birthrights: SiSters and SinS - Broken Pride by RekstheEnigma II- Birthrights: SiSters and SinS - Broken Pride :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 13 1 Pokemon + Mega Man by RekstheEnigma Pokemon + Mega Man :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 22 6 II- Birthright of SINs: Avatar of Lust in Men by RekstheEnigma II- Birthright of SINs: Avatar of Lust in Men :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 7 0 PxA Week: Day 7: Shonen Jump Edition 1 by RekstheEnigma PxA Week: Day 7: Shonen Jump Edition 1 :iconrekstheenigma:RekstheEnigma 9 3


Smash x Pokemon: Week 5: All Pokemon

Week 5 (Mar 3- 9) of Pokemon as realistic versions as themselves, didn't want to exclude them from the other Fighters that are now Pokemon. I just decided to do all the Pokemon at once. As close to Animals as they could, but I guess these designs could be more for the Live-Action series maybe, like Detective Pikachu. Had to look at a lot of resources to design and detail them.

I have no idea what to do for the Trainers...

Hope these designs interest you, and if anyone wants to see more of our project’s progress, ask about our Discord

What is your Smash Main? My is Ike and Yoshi 

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4

P1XUS's Vuroa: Pokemon OC - Lillian
For P1XUS the protagonist to the strange journey

So for a month or so now, I've also been involved with helping a colleague write a Pokemon Fan-fic in an obscure and bizarre region. I've been giving her advice in making characters and a cohesive story along with some other people interested in her work. And uh.. occasionally I'll do some artwork for her. Otherwise,

Ask about our Discord if you're interested in learning more about the project.

Journey Through Vuroa

Age 16
- Depressed, stoic, funny, sarcastic, kind, considerate, non-social, 

- On her 11th birthday, she was gifted a Snivy by one of her “best” friends whom she named “Edmond”. The two were quickly inseparable as they learned to love each other and cooperate. This changed 2 years later as after she was late to a friend’s birthday party, they became pissed with her to the point where they didn’t even call her a friend anymore and took back Edmond, and the two were very sorrowful to being forcefully split away, with Lillian being very much miserable for the next week. While she eventually got over it, she could never pass the fact that her own best friends turned against her just for being late to their party and even took away her first Pokemon, and over time, her misery and hatred grew after that very event.

On her 16th birthday, her parents “gave” her a new Pokemon for her (technically she went to the shelter first, said that she’d like to get him at some point, and her parents got her as a surprise for her birthday), Edgar the Stoutland, and said that she could embark on a new journey with them anytime she wanted. She was ecstatic that her parents did this for her and, after bonding with Edgar, went off soon after.


  • “Oké doké!”

  • “If that’s the case, then I am… I am a monster... coach, the first mankind all over the world! Come on team, we can do this!”

  • “Come on, just think positive…”

First time critiquing, but...

This is an interesting composition, how you off-centered your character's body, the ring, the block or blade (I can't tell what that is), the wisps of bird skulls, even his face is like an owl. it's like oil painting for a book cover.
There's an appeal in the mystery of his body and the object they're carrying, along with the outcropping of his lower body. Like, I wonder if he's half harpy, or something like that. Though I don't know if, maybe, it would have been something to see a portion of thigh being lifted. You know, a leg up. Of course, human anatomy isn't a law for artist to follow.

I wonder if that yellow ring could be extended behind the block or backpack or whatever. Same goes with the bird spirits. Unless they're coming from the ring, but in that case, maybe imply that a little better, like an aura emanating from the metal or bone, or whatever. I don't know.

And well.... I'm impressed by the style, but not the face and or imagery. It's more like... I've seen them somewhere before. Maybe from something like "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" or some other fantasy book cover. And they don't leave a lasting impression, especially the hair. It's good.... but I don't know, it's maybe too square since it parallels his face? Perhaps if the person had more higher value and less muted colors with the background? But that might be the point of your piece. I'm not one of those people who have an eye of looking in-depth into something and understand the purpose of said artwork, but there doesn't need to be purpose really.
I might just be a little ignorant to the thing you do, and I'm being a mediocre critic.

Well, I hope that was sufficient enough. These were all just minor nitpicks from a random guy passing by.
Smash x Pokemon: Week 4

Week 4 (Jan 28- Feb 2) of Fighters as Pokemon, I took a break because I was communing with others on a Smash Bros Card Game Project. I guess you guys could check it out: Smash Bros (CG) This week, I did most of the original N64 Fighters, but I didn't do Luigi because I haven't figured out what I want Mario as yet

02- Darmanitan: Looks a little odd, but I feel like I wouldn't question it if Donkey Kong looked like this back then. And I felt Slaking didn't fit.

03- Decidueye: Okay, so I just used WEEDle's design as reference, What-If, except I added more details on the items, and changed the posture, etc. Don't get me wrong, the Aegislash Shield and Master Sword was a neat concept but I just thought it might have been too much.

04- Genesect Armor: Inside is a Mienshao, and Dark Samus will probably be a mix of Deoxys and a Nihilego.

05- Goodra/Sliggoo: I could have gone Dinosaur like Tyrunt or Cranidos, but I always liked the more cuddly dragon that is Goodra. Probably because I thought it was a bigger, slimy version of Yoshi.

07- Flareon: Like Falco, I made a Pokemon anthropomorphic. I didn't go with Braixen or Delphox because I felt they were too feminine and fluffy, not speedy or physically strong enough.

10- Espurr: There isn't much Psychic Pokemon pre-evolutions that could match the Earthbound styles.

11- Buff Scrafty: This one was a little iffy, I could have gone with a Talonflame or Hawlucha, but that wouldn't be good for driving the Blue Falcon. Hawlucha would have been better probably. Otherwise, there's Sawk, but I just wasn't sure and I was out of time. But I don't know, I just liked my idea of a Scrafty using the shedded skin as a scarf and body suit.

Hope these designs interest you, and if anyone wants to see more of our project’s progress, ask about our Discord

What Your Favorite Fighter as a Pokemon?

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3



RekstheEnigma's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Call me 'Reks'

My real goal is to make games and animations worth epic and fantastical adventures, but I can't do all that myself.

For now, I'll make Crossover Art as commissions as a funding project.

Support my Patreon:
I got back from my trip from Thailand a few days ago, but I just felt like taking some time off before collecting my thoughts and getting out my game plan for the future.

First off... Thailand was nice. It was hot and bugs loved to suck blood from me, but it'd be nice to retire there. Especially to be a monk and to get away from the stress of life. (If anyone's interested, I'll go into further details of what it's like to be a monk later.)

But that the thing.... Being a monk made me miss drawing and story writing even more. Making me realize that I should try harder to make my dreams a reality as my way of contributing hope and happiness to my family and the world.

Writing fantasies is what I'm good at. That's what I seem to unintentionally strengthened in art college.. But I feel as if my communications and networking still needs the most improvement.
But I need to get my hands grinding to make my stories into what I originally envisioned: "Games that could rival Final Fantasy"

For those who haven't seen it, this is what I plan on eventually making:

My Final College Project in Digital Media, 2018

Therefore, I've been thinking of how I will be going about, in sharing the three (Alpha) stories I have so far:
(meaning the plots, worlds, and characters I've developed the most)

First off: For the Pokemon fans- I'll be even more infrequent in making any PxA characters/Pokemons now.
                From now on, I'll be posting linearts and designs strictly onto my Instagram

Secondly: I need money

                To pay for equipments like Game Maker 2 or Unity, Photoshop, Toon Boom. Because I'm more interested in making traditionally hand-drawn animations, since I'm not that great in 3D modeling. Also, I have Student-loans, and I still don't have a Switch.
                I have Patreon and can do Commissions, though I won't be solacing too much. I even did one before Summer Break for an animation about Weed and got paid well.
                But I'll still have to give my websites a complete overhaul.
            Oh, and I'll be looking for some part-time jobs as well, so I might not be able to have undivided attention in art.

Lastly, I must admit the following: I am a scatterbrain..... I need to follow through better in my commitments.

        Therefore, I'll make my stories have the following goals to be completed for each story: 
(The numbers are just the order I came up with the ideas, but some might debut before the other. For the most part, I don't have any deadlines for these goals I'll give premises to them later) 
  1. ADVENT  -  (Better accessibility to story) Make a comic of the Prologue. No Less than TWO pages each month. (Little experience in comic making) 
  2. Birthrights: SiSters/SINs  -  Finish character concepts for "Mira Mayfine" and "Lucy Mayfine", then design world map of "Seraia", and be ready for National Novel Writing Month in November.
  3. Dusk to Dawn  -  Make a working Alpha Version of Part 1 - Prologue within 3-4 months in Game Maker.

I guess you could call this a reminder to myself. But this is a must if I am to pursue a career to own a studio to make my stories eventually.

P.S. I have a Discord now, but I unless I know the user, I prefer to use it and other social media as business outlets.

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