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Hello everybody!

I've recently quit my full time job, and after much deliberation and planning (and having several requests), I'm starting to do commissioned work!

Of course most of my work so far is Trek stuff; but I'm more than willing to try any scifi (or not scifi!) style you may want! From Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, or any universe can be brought to life, so feel free to ask! Same goes for insignias or posters, if you've got an idea, just send me an email or a note and we'll talk.


If you are interested, feel free to contact me at

After receiving an email and getting an idea of what the project will be, I'll send you an estimated time for completion as well as a required fee (prices are detailed below). Given that I'm from a country without Paypal support, I accept payments via Payoneer, and I need an email address, first and last name, and country/state in order to generate an invoice. You'll be able to pay said invoice using a credit card (Visa or Master Card), or with an eCheck if you're from the US.

If you're OK with the price and time, I'll ask for you to send me half of said price in order to start working on the design. Once work has started, I'll send updates and of course I'll be open to making changes on the fly.

After finishing the work, I'll send you some renders for final approval and, after having said approval and receiving the rest of the payment, I'll send you all the high quality images that you might need on whatever resolution you might need.

2D Work:

Depending on the complexity of the design you want, the pricing will be between $25 to $100. Here are some examples of my work:

Alternate 24th Century Starfleet Uniforms by Rekkert Klingon Rank Insignias by Rekkert Star Trek Discovery - Starfleet Uniforms by Rekkert Starfleet Combadges and Insignias by Rekkert NX-09 Ptichka Assignment Patch by Rekkert NX-04 Discovery Assignment Patch by Rekkert Starbase 35 Pharos Assignment Patch by Rekkert Master of Orion - Human Recruitment Poster by RekkertUSS Charybdis - Master Systems Display by Rekkert

3D Exteriors:

Once again these depend on the complexity, pricing is usually around the $200 range, but can be higher or lower depending on the shapes and materials needed. Some examples:
Type-7 Shuttlecraft by Rekkert Type-17 Shuttlecraft by Rekkert Type-15 Shuttlepod by Rekkert

3D Interiors:

When it comes to doing interiors, it is a very long process, as it's not only about 3D meshes, but computer interfaces and graphics as well. This also affects the pricing, as it will vary not only depending on the complexity of the mesh, but on the kind of interface required as well. Without looking at the specific requirements for each bridge, I'm only able to give a price range for each category, as follows:

Modification of an existing bridge of mine: $50-$200 (for example, a Galaxy-Class style bridge)

  The price here will depend on if new 3D meshes are required, if console graphics or materials must be changed, etc.

Brand new bridge: $100-$300

  Whatever bridge you might want that doesn't follow a design that appeared on a show/movie.

Canon bridge or bridge with the same structure: $200-$400

  The most difficult thing with canon bridges is to get the structure (floor, walls and ceiling) to look right, so this are the most time consuming of projects. 

Other rooms or interiors will have prices ranging from $25 (for something like a corridor) to $300 (for something like an Engine Room). Again, an exact price tag will be provided on each proposal.

Here are some examples of my work:
USS Challenger Bridge Cutaway by Rekkert USS Challenger Bridge by Rekkert USS Quasar Two Three Fore by Rekkert USS Odyssey Bridge by Rekkert USS Odyssey Bridge Cutaway by Rekkert USS Galaxy Sickbay #1 by Rekkert USS Enterprise-D Bridge - 2370 by Rekkert USS Enterprise-D Bridge - 2370 Cutaway by Rekkert

I'm looking forward to working with you! :D (Big Grin)
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Rekkart, may I please ask how much it would cost to commission one of those uniform line-ups you draw so well?

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As ever, exact pricing depends on the specifics, can be $50 if it's a relatively simple modification to uniforms I already have made, can be $150 if it's a full lineup of a brand new style. Feel free to DM me or send me an email at with the details and I'll be able to give you an accurate quote. :)

I'd like to commission a bridge layout please
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Hi, I was wondering if you have completed the Enterprise-A bridge from The Undiscovered Country? I would really like to see it as a screen seen version, and another with a the addition of an MSD behind the captain's chair. I would pay for a commission but that isn't feasible right now.

Love your stuff
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I haven't done that one yet, I'm afraid. :)

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How much would it take/cost for you to make it?
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Creating a canon design is always a lot more challenging as you have to make sure a lot of items are as accurate as possible. Given the pieces I've already modeled, it would probably be close to $200.

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Ok, thanks for the reply
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Ever done Tall ship Schematics? 
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Not yet! I'm open to the idea, though. :)

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If your willing to listen, I'll go into detail; I had begun a commission with another artist by the name of HandofManos using the Dream of Ship as the base for the schematics of a flying frigate. With the blessing of the original artist of the piece, we started drafting, but due to unforeseen complications we could not go beyond that. Now here I am, seeking another to continue the commission... What say you Rekkert?
Hi Rekkert,
i absolutely love your renderings of the Belknap bridge. I have been in love with that ship since I first saw her in “Ships of the Star Fleet” in 1984. Over the past few years, I have hosted a Facebook group called USS Belknap, NCC-2501. Now I want to create an interactive “in universe “ website to tell creative mission stories of the Belknap in the immediately post-Khitomer timeframe.

your bridge design is EXACTLY what I had always envisioned for it! I would love an opportunity to work with you on commissioning more for Belknap that I could use on the website. I would also love detailed Okudagram panels you used to make the page feel like you were sitting at a Duty station on the Belknap’s bridge. Please let me know if you are interested. My email is

Warm regards,
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Always nice to see other fans of the Belknap. :) I just sent you an email.

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How much would a simple re-color of an existing bridge (no new modeling or materials, just color change) run?
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As ever some details can change it, but if it's just a re-color I'd wager $50. Send me a note if you want with the specifics and I'll confirm it. :)
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I'll let you know. Thanks for replying.
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your "about" tag her eon DA shows you are from Argentina and you state here you are from a country without paypal support, however, are you still incapable of using paypal transactions? because paypal does list argentina as being a supported country on their website these days.
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Paypal is and always has been usable here to send money, but not to receive it. I could have a Paypal account where people could pay me, but I would have no way to withdraw those payments, which makes it useless in this case. :/

However, as I mention on this journal entry, I do have Payoneer which allows me to receive payments with most credit cards, and has worked flawlessly for both myself and my clients so far. :)
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So only half support... that kind of sucks as i imagine most people dont have a credit card or don't  trust such services as payoneer.

How does payoneer work? I might be interested in getting some pieces commissioned in the near future but i am not too keen on pullin a credit card myself, for example to make a payment to you, do i need to create an account myself or do i get an invoice sent to me and i just pay via that once.

Thank you for your time.
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So far I haven't come across anyone who didn't have a card or didn't trust Payoneer. Keep in mind that it's one of the leading companies on this kind of stuff, and is used by the suchs of Google and Amazon to pay to its contractors, it's not some small shady company. :)

Regarding how it works, indeed I would send you an invoice and you'd just pay with a provided link once (I would need your email, name and country to send you the invoice).

If you're indeed interested, feel free to PM me with what you'd like to commission, and we can discuss details and costs, even if it's not something you're interested in having done right now. :)
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alright, i have sent you a pm so we can discuss the options in more detail :)
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Need to get some money together, would love to get a bridge done.
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Sure thing, whenever you want to, send me a note or an email at :)
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over at scifi-meshes your thread "my star fleet museum thread" you have a lot of old types of star ships, do you have access to what the micro shuttle might look like?  
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