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On Wednesday 12th Sep we received a Cease and Desist from CBS requiring us to cease development. We made every effort to approach them to discuss modifying the project to meet their criteria, but they are refusing to even discuss the matter.

We released this video explaining the situation in more detail:

We hope you enjoyed Stage 9 while it lasted!
From all the team, Live long and prosper.
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So, for my last two interiors I've been posting just one image (the cutaway graphic) into Deviant Art, with a link to all the other renders. I do this to avoid cluttering up my submissions, having one image per 'project' rather than 4 or 5.

What do you think of this? Would you rather see all images posted here? Would it be better to post just one render, and leave the cutaway graphic just on the linked portfolio?

Given the demand, I've now updated my commissions page to include 2D artwork, such as patches or posters. Feel free to look around and send me an email if you're interested!
Hello everybody!

I've recently quit my full time job, and after much deliberation and planning (and having several requests), I'm starting to do commissioned work!

Of course most of my work so far is Trek stuff; but I'm more than willing to try any scifi (or not scifi!) style you may want! From Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, or any universe can be brought to life, so feel free to ask! Same goes for insignias or posters, if you've got an idea, just send me an email or a note and we'll talk.


If you are interested, feel free to contact me at

After receiving an email and getting an idea of what the project will be, I'll send you an estimated time for completion as well as a required fee (prices are detailed below). Given that I'm from a country without Paypal support, I accept payments via Payoneer, and I need an email address, first and last name, and country/state in order to generate an invoice. You'll be able to pay said invoice using a credit card (Visa or Master Card), or with an eCheck if you're from the US.

If you're OK with the price and time, I'll ask for you to send me half of said price in order to start working on the design. Once work has started, I'll send updates and of course I'll be open to making changes on the fly.

After finishing the work, I'll send you some renders for final approval and, after having said approval and receiving the rest of the payment, I'll send you all the high quality images that you might need on whatever resolution you might need.

2D Work:

Depending on the complexity of the design you want, the pricing will be between $25 to $100. Here are some examples of my work:

Alternate 24th Century Starfleet Uniforms by Rekkert Klingon Rank Insignias by Rekkert Star Trek Discovery - Starfleet Uniforms by Rekkert Starfleet Combadges and Insignias by Rekkert NX-09 Ptichka Assignment Patch by Rekkert NX-04 Discovery Assignment Patch by Rekkert Starbase 35 Pharos Assignment Patch by Rekkert Master of Orion - Human Recruitment Poster by RekkertUSS Charybdis - Master Systems Display by Rekkert

3D Exteriors:

Once again these depend on the complexity, pricing is usually around the $200 range, but can be higher or lower depending on the shapes and materials needed. Some examples:
Type-7 Shuttlecraft by Rekkert Type-17 Shuttlecraft by Rekkert Type-15 Shuttlepod by Rekkert

3D Interiors:

When it comes to doing interiors, it is a very long process, as it's not only about 3D meshes, but computer interfaces and graphics as well. This also affects the pricing, as it will vary not only depending on the complexity of the mesh, but on the kind of interface required as well. Without looking at the specific requirements for each bridge, I'm only able to give a price range for each category, as follows:

Modification of an existing bridge of mine: $50-$200 (for example, a Galaxy-Class style bridge)

  The price here will depend on if new 3D meshes are required, if console graphics or materials must be changed, etc.

Brand new bridge: $100-$300

  Whatever bridge you might want that doesn't follow a design that appeared on a show/movie.

Canon bridge or bridge with the same structure: $200-$400

  The most difficult thing with canon bridges is to get the structure (floor, walls and ceiling) to look right, so this are the most time consuming of projects. 

Other rooms or interiors will have prices ranging from $25 (for something like a corridor) to $300 (for something like an Engine Room). Again, an exact price tag will be provided on each proposal.

Here are some examples of my work:
USS Challenger Bridge Cutaway by Rekkert USS Challenger Bridge by Rekkert USS Quasar Two Three Fore by Rekkert USS Odyssey Bridge by Rekkert USS Odyssey Bridge Cutaway by Rekkert USS Galaxy Sickbay #1 by Rekkert USS Enterprise-D Bridge - Season 7 Version by Rekkert USS Enterprise-D Bridge - Season 7 Version Cutaway by Rekkert

I'm looking forward to working with you! :D (Big Grin)
Well, it's been a long time since my last journal entry, I just wanted to show everyone what I've been up to and why I haven't been uploading as much as I could.

My biggest creative passion is 3D modeling, but now that I'm migrating towards Linux and open source software, I was unable to keep using 3DS Max. I wanted to get into Blender since a couple of years back, but I just found it too difficult. Even with online tutorials, I just couldn't get pass that awful first impression. That all changed a month ago, when I started a professional Blender course on a new design school here in Buenos Aires, called Innatus. This course was the first Blender course offered in Argentina, it was what I was waiting for all these years.

Already after the first class, I was able to do what I had found so hard before, and now, after attending just 2 classes, I'm more than comfortable with Blender, and I'm using it a lot at home and at work (both on Windows and Linux respectively). While there are some things on the modeling side that I still have to learn how to do, I find it easier to use than 3DS for some things, it gives far more professional results faster with materials and lights, and it renders and runs much faster.

It'll probably be a while before I finish my first mesh, but I wanted to give you all a sneak peak at it, it's an original Trek bridge design from the late 23rd Century (no ship class or name chosen yet, feel free to give me ideas!):

C3 02 by Rekkert

C2 04 by Rekkert

C1 8 by Rekkert
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So, I've been super busy with my job and my studies, so not a lot of time left for my hobbies. Worst of all, my mother had a kidney transplant last month, so I suddenly found myself living on my own and having to go to the hospital to take some care of her, and after that I had to take care of her at home. She is doing fine now, luckily.

Anyway, it's funny how I always end up writing this journal entries to excuse myself for not posting as much stuff as I would want to. I have lots of stuff planned, new renders with my old models, new models, new logos, new everything. Of course, I probably won't be able to do half the stuff I want, and end up writing another journal like this in a couple of months. =P

Let's hope not! :D
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A couple of months ago I was invited to partake in the development of a videogame for Android devices. I mainly did 3D models, including some rigs (first time I ever did this since I learned how to, back in 2011), and some basic UVW maps. This took a lot of my time, but also allowed me to work in a proper professional environment interacting with other people. I also gained a lot of experience in areas I don't generally work, like in organic modeling and rigging.

Anyway, maybe (and just maybe!) now I'll be able to return to my usual schedule. Also, look forward to see our game, called 'Saw It' released on Google Play soon! (I'll update with a link when it becomes available)
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So, now I'm mostly uploading 2D work from my Enterprise Class project based on Paul Frenczli's work. But, ironically, the first thing I made was the whole 3D model of the ship! 

So, where is it, you may ask... And that's an excellent question. 
People have said to me that I'm good at 3D modeling; well, I'm even better at procrastinating! The model itself has been done since July (JULY!!!!). But... I never finished the textures, they're only about 10% done. 
You see, this was supposed to be the big one, the one where I finally did the whole UVW unwrap and create real textures. The problem with that is that, while the modeling for this design isn't as hard as, say, the Galaxy-class; the textures are far more difficult, and I failed to take that into account when I started working on this. Said textures are very complex and detailed (just look at a closeup of the NX-01 from the series and you'll know what I mean), and faaaar too boring to do, all gray blocks of different shapes. :D

Enterprise 19 by Rekkert

I can't stand having that finished model just sitting in my HDD, so what I'll probably do it to create a texture similar to my previous work on the Sheridan (and other TOS ships) but with far better resolution, details, speculars, etc. When? Who knows.

I just wanted you guys to know that I haven't forgotten my 3D roots. :)
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As I may have said before, I've started my college degree on Game Development this semester. Needless to say, it is consuming most of my free time, which is now being used for programming or for making art assets and digital concepts.

Other projects - such us the .obj conversion of my models; my prime-universe version of the Vengeance (WIP here); and some Legend of Zelda related stuff - will be back on my to-do list next month.

All is not lost though, the art assets and concepts I mentioned earlier are now nearing competition, and I'll start posting them here before the end of the week.
So, I finaly decided to make my meshes available for all to download, I'm preparing the files and hope to upload them all within the day.

I hope you have fun with them!
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As you can see from my newest upload, I've recently finished a modification of the textures of my ships, significantly changing the way light reflects on their hulls.
While I was busy giving myself a pat on the back, I realized that while this makes my ships look better, it also means that I have the capacity to remake all my old images and make them look better too. This brings me what probably is the design noob question of the year: Should I remake my old stuff with the new textures?
The change is significant indeed, and I might do it anyway, given how little amount of images I would have to redo, but I would still like to know your opinion about it, as I guess it's not usual to remake old images every time a new model is available/finished.
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Yesterday marked my first day at a new job, and like the last one, it's in a telecommunications company. The difference is not only that I'm in a much higher position, but also that the company is still very young, and we're planing to start working on other things as well as telecommunications, so branching out in the near future to something where I can use my 3D knowledge is very much a possibility.

That said, in the immediate future, it means that I've got less time to do everything, and that I'll have to adapt the little free time I've got left in order to start working on my 3D projects again. So, I know I'm slow on my updates anyway, but this time I might be VERY slow to upload the next one. So, sorry about that. :D
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As I contemplate my recently submitted "art", I wonder whether I should uploads more of my drawings, from Star Trek and otherwise, into my dA profile. Perhaps I could also add some of my digital 2D art, mostly some commissions I made for websites my father programmed.
I don't have lots of stuff (at lest not lots of passable stuff), but I hope to improve over time.

While I'm on the subject of uploading new things, I'll also say that my latest model is nearly finished, so definitively something new'll show up before the end of the month.

Another thing, I'm pondering whether or not to upload my 3D models for public use. It's not that I'm worried by "theft" or anything, it's just that the idea just recently surfaced on my mind, and it's still green there. :D

So, what do you thing of any of this, should I keep the 2D stuff coming. And also, should I start uploading my models?

PS: If no one answers, I'll probably upload everything. :P
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After a long time I was able to upload a new picture.
The main problem I'm having is my lack of imagination for new scenes, and mainly for new backgrounds, but I'm learning a lot of new stuff and I already have some ideas in my mind that I hope to be able to show you soon.
Once again I want to thank you all who see my work, and once again I'll lie to you and tell you I'll keep the images coming. :D
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I thought it would take me longer to get here! I can't give enough thanks for this, being among so talented people and still having the chance to show my work. I'll definitively do my best to keep it coming in better quality and quantity!
Well, technically this account has been around for a while, but only now I've decided to start using it, I only hope I can keep updating new images regularly!