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Star Trek Discovery - Starfleet Uniforms



I don't know you, but I really like the uniforms for Star Trek Discovery, very retro-futuristic in my opinion. I'm not that keen on the rank insignias, they're pretty hard to see, even in HD.

Some ranks are conjectural at this point, and the lower part of the uniform might be different somewhat, I'll do any correction this might need once we have more footage.

EDIT: Modified the side pattern to delta shapes
EDIT2: Changed the uniform to a two piece design, added pockets, made the division colors "metalic" via reflections, and changed the operations color slightly to be more in line with the real thing
EDIT3: Changed the command uniform to also have 5 color stripes around the shoulders, also changed the font and modified the layout a bit, and added some reflections to the rank combadges
EDIT4: Added the two new uniforms displayed at SDCC
EDIT5: Little revision to replace the 'enlisted' combadge with the 'cadet' design shown on behind the scenes footage
EDIT6: Added the Admiral insignia and uniform

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Just curious if the Enlisted badge was conjectural too!