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Star Trek Discovery - Starfleet Uniforms

I don't know you, but I really like the uniforms for Star Trek Discovery, very retro-futuristic in my opinion. I'm not that keen on the rank insignias, they're pretty hard to see, even in HD.

Some ranks are conjectural at this point, and the lower part of the uniform might be different somewhat, I'll do any correction this might need once we have more footage.

EDIT: Modified the side pattern to delta shapes
EDIT2: Changed the uniform to a two piece design, added pockets, made the division colors "metalic" via reflections, and changed the operations color slightly to be more in line with the real thing
EDIT3: Changed the command uniform to also have 5 color stripes around the shoulders, also changed the font and modified the layout a bit, and added some reflections to the rank combadges
EDIT4: Added the two new uniforms displayed at SDCC
EDIT5: Little revision to replace the 'enlisted' combadge with the 'cadet' design shown on behind the scenes footage
EDIT6: Added the Admiral insignia and uniform

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Loving your reference works and so super helpful to those whom are unclear
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Thank you very much! :)
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:) Your welcome.
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thank you this is great and it'll help me better ID each character/division
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I really like these!
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I'm glad it's helpful! :D
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Any word on if they are doing enlisted grades?
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They haven't showed up yet but I hope they do.
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still nothing :(

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Excellent work!

It's rather hard to actually see the color differences on-screen, but on a chart like this one the differences become a lot more apparent. It's almost like a halfway between ENT and TOS in terms of Uniform design -- or, if it's in the Kelvinverse, a continuation of the uniforms on the Franklin towards the style of the 2009 movie series.
Especially the boots and the other 'small details', it seems the DSC team has outdone themselves this time. 

I like it. Good post!
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Indeed you can see the evolution from Enterprise towards TOS, and there's just so many details on the uniforms! Other than the lack of a clear rank insignia, I love them.
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My only complaint is not making the departments more obvious. You can kind of see it, but with all the lens flares and dutch angles DSC has now it's rather hard to tell silver from almost-but-not-quite silver. ;)
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I found the silver easy to see, but the gold and copper are very easy to mix up.
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It was in The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before, too. That's why they changed to the easily-distinguishable gold/blue/red color scheme for the remainder of TOS.
Now you gotta update again with the Flag Officer's Starfleet Delta. :D
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Indeed, I'll add it soon :D
I really like the Discovery uniforms.  My biggest complaint is that the rank.  A version with rank insignia on the sleeve following the TOS convention I think would be a lot better. 
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I agree completely, some rank insignia on the sleeve or sholuders would've made these perfect.
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I just am not impressed. The coloration for the divisions makes it really hard to determine what division they are in from more than a small distance and having the "pips" on the badges makes me angry (never been a fan of the pips in the first place but putting them on the badges just does double duty of making it hard to tell what a persons rank is unless you are right in front of them.
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Yeah, I agree with both of your points, the rank pips on the insignia are imposible to see in 90% of the situations, and both rank and division are unreadable in dark environments.

I love the design itself of the uniforms, but those details keep it from being perfect.
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Again, if we look at The Cage, there are no distinctions in officer rank whatsoever on the uniforms - there are uniforms with a broken stripe on the sleeve (which are presumed to be enlisted uniforms) and uniforms with a solid stripe on the sleeves (the majority of characters addressed as officers). WNMHGB adds a distinction of two stripes for the rank of Captain, all other officer uniforms use the single sleeve stripe. The striped-sleeve rank insignia system seems to have disappeared entirely between the 2230s and 2265 when the TOS-style uniform comes into use (also of interest, pips and stripes alternate ascendence in ranking schemes until the late 2270s when the distinctive rank pins come into use and remain in use until the reintroduction of pips in the 2350s, whereupon pips remain in use for at least the next 60 years).
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Very interesting!
The subtle "epaulets" on the CO's tunic is both modern and classic.
The "steel-toed boots" suggestion of the several department colors also is clever.
If the rank seems too small and subtle, enlarge the array so it fills more space of the vector up towards that unique "wrinkle". keeping that bottommost dot within the squeezed-space of that bottom taper can dictated the size of the rank relative to the emblem.
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