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My Bio

I've discovered the world of 3D modeling in 2008, when I was 14; and I've been doing it ever since, always learning and improving in any way I can.

In 2013 I started using Linux as my operating system, and soon after migrated my workflow to use open and libre software. I had become increasingly disappointed with the work being done by the bigger software players on the industry, which stopped innovating and instead focused on market retention.

Eventually I quit my old job as a Systems Engineer for a telco company, and jumped full time into my artistic endeavors, working as a freelancer and as a Blender instructor at a local university.

As for why I fell in love with 3D modeling, it all came down to a certain science fiction franchise and the ships that appeared in it, which motivated my imagination since I can remember being alive. That love for 'Star Trek' eventually lead me to design my own ships and bring them to life in my art. More importantly, it lead me to try and live by it's message of peace and tolerance, to embrace diversity and think with rationality in mind. It made me who I am, and I pour from that back into my artistic creations.

Favourite TV Shows
Star Trek, Doctor Who, Brooklyn 99
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
U2, Snow Patrol, Feeder, Elbow, Keane, Pet Shop Boys
Favourite Books
Sci Fi / Fantasy
Favourite Writers
Douglas Adams, Christopher L. Bennett, Isaac Asimov, Jorge Luis Borges
Favourite Games
The Legend of Zelda, The Elder Scrolls
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC (Ubuntu)
Tools of the Trade
Blender, Inkscape, GIMP

Commissions open!

Commissions open!

Hello everybody! I've recently quit my full time job, and after much deliberation and planning (and having several requests), I'm starting to do commissioned work! Of course most of my work so far is Trek stuff; but I'm more than willing to try any scifi (or not scifi!) style you may want! From Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, or any universe can be brought to life, so feel free to ask! Same goes for insignias or posters, if you've got an idea, just send me an email or a note and we'll talk. Workflow:If you are interested, feel free to contact me at After receiving an email and getting an idea of what the pr

Building bridges and blending my life

Building bridges and blending my life

Well, it's been a long time since my last journal entry, I just wanted to show everyone what I've been up to and why I haven't been uploading as much as I could. My biggest creative passion is 3D modeling, but now that I'm migrating towards Linux and open source software, I was unable to keep using 3DS Max. I wanted to get into Blender since a couple of years back, but I just found it too difficult. Even with online tutorials, I just couldn't get pass that awful first impression. That all changed a month ago, when I started a professional Blender course on a new design school here in Buenos Aires, called Innatus. This course was the first Bl

Not just 2D work...

Not just 2D work...

So, now I'm mostly uploading 2D work from my Enterprise Class project based on Paul Frenczli's work. But, ironically, the first thing I made was the whole 3D model of the ship! So, where is it, you may ask... And that's an excellent question. People have said to me that I'm good at 3D modeling; well, I'm even better at procrastinating! The model itself has been done since July (JULY!!!!). But... I never finished the textures, they're only about 10% done. You see, this was supposed to be the big one, the one where I finally did the whole UVW unwrap and create real textures. The problem with that is that, while the modeling for this design i

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Where do you get the graphics you use for the various bridge consoles? Especially the late 23rd Century "Movie Era"

RekkertProfessional Digital Artist

I do all the graphics myself using Inkscape. :)

Do you have a reference source for them, so you know which displays go where? Or do you just kinda make them up? I love the ones I saw on the Stage 9 Main Shuttlebay, I was told that was your work too

RekkertProfessional Digital Artist

Most of them are sourced from canon, either the movies or TV shows. I reproduce them and then place them in spots where I think they'd fit (for example, a subspace scan on a science console, a dilithium status graph on engineering, and so on).

The ones on Stage 9 are not mine actually, the 3D models were but the LCARS there were done by another dev that was on the team. :)

zachjmurphyNew Deviant

Awesome Work. I just love your digital artwork. Just extraordinary. Keep it up!

RekkertProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you very much! :)

nunchakuProfessional Artist

Awesome work. I caught myself imagining what it would be like to walk those ship halls and sit in those chairs.