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By day, I'm a Ph.D. student studying volcanoes and earthquakes at the University of Washington, Seattle. By night, I dabble in art to keep myself sane. I recently completed a graphic novel (SkyFall), and am in the process of developing a new one (Shishinkontan).

Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, pencil+ink+paper, some natural media, and sometimes a camera
Wow. So, the last thing I posted on here was in October 2010!? A LOT has happened since then: • Started Shishin, then had to put it on indefinite hiatus. • Got engaged • Finished SkyFall • Got married (and holy shit it was awesome) • Went to Maui... ...And now, I'm reconsidering what I want to do about Shishin. It's been a long time since I've drawn a comic page, and I'm out of practice with drawing in general. On top of that, the script (and well, the story in general) needs some serious updating/rewriting. With my husband's help, we're going to rework the story from scratch. I'm sure a lot of the elements wil
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It begins!!

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It's finally happened. After almost five years of prep work, I'm finally ready to start posting pages for Shishin. The first one went up last night, you should go check it out! The next page is also available as a vote incentive, if you want to see it a week early. Besides, it helps me get free exposure. Sadly, with as long as it takes me to do a page, I'm only able to post one page a week. Still, that means I have enough pages already done to last me uninterrupted until February. None of this "sorry, couldn't finish it in time" stuff I do with SkyFall. Backlog FTW! As dA watchers, you're also welcome to join my group: #Shishinkontan (
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So, there I was, lurking around dA as usual when it hit me. I should do more than just lurk around here. I guess this was partially spurred on by a conversation I had earlier today where I realized that I've been here in Seattle a year and haven't made many hardcore friends. Friends, yes... but no one up here I can really share my art life with. I have a handful of webcomic friends, but I've been horribly out of touch with most of them... So I got to thinking that maybe I should try harder to reach out to the community around here to make some more artsy friends... and I figure one way I can start is by joining some groups. I just have no
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Now that the Skyfall website is owned by spambots, I looked for the archived version but most of the pages are missing.

This did lead me to the print versions of Volume 1 and 2, but it looks like Volume 3 is lost to us.

Is there any chance of Vol.3 being put back online? Or a print version - I would happily pay to find out how the story ended.
I second  this.  Being able to own volume 3 would be a great boon.
It took a little hunting to find you. And the account looks to be dead? :(

I was going thru some old papers and found pics I'd printed from Skyfall. Blast from the past. I'm curious what happened to it. ^-^

Hope you're well, all these years in the future!
Happy birthday! ^_^
Joyeux anniversaire!