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Beachside Sketcher by Rekalnus
Mature content
Beachside Sketcher :iconrekalnus:Rekalnus 13 12
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Zeppelin L4 (LZ-27) by MercenaryGraphics Zeppelin L4 (LZ-27) :iconmercenarygraphics:MercenaryGraphics 86 18 Pacific  Nightmare by zulumike Pacific Nightmare :iconzulumike:zulumike 227 45 BARREL Riders by secoh2000 BARREL Riders :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 63 7
The Game of Fire (Chapter 1: A New Plan)
The Game of Fire
Part 1: The Traitor
Chapter 1: A New Plan
"I don't know anymore." sighed Claws, "Nothing is working!"
His words echoed throughout the small meeting room.
"Calm yourself," said Nite, trying to ease her partner, "this is just a minor setback."
"You call this a minor setback!" roared Claws. "This is the third time we have failed!"
"Okay, maybe a bit more than a minor setback." said Nite with annoyance in her voice, "But we can still come back from this! Support for our cause is growing! Nothing will stop us! We will get our revenge!"
"No we won't." Grumbled Claws, "I originally thought that Daniel had a fluke, but now this is becoming a pattern. We have exhausted all ideas."
"No we haven't" said Nite with a smile as she formulated a plan.
"What do you mean?" asked Claws, "Pandora's Box was our back-up plan." sighed Claws, "Even that has failed."
"Please remind me what typically goes wrong when we initiate a mission." said Nite.
"Daniel comes and-" said Claws before Nite i
:iconfiredragonclaws:FireDragonClaws 2 9
Remember The Arizona by markkarvon Remember The Arizona :iconmarkkarvon:markkarvon 280 72 Rileys Evening Walk by Tank50us Rileys Evening Walk :icontank50us:Tank50us 31 4 Tea Time by TsaoShin Tea Time :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 2,678 259
Dragon Chronicles Chapter 29
The three of us had gotten through to the other side of the portal as we were in the Rockies by the looks of it. It was snowing there and a bit windy as we were on a large ledge on a mountain as there was a cave in front of us. It looked desolate where we were and not a sign of life anywhere as I knew that Zmaj and Pez were both shivering some from the cold. It didn’t bother me at the moment since I was still at the boiling point of finding out that dragon slayers had Rachael and Exlexia. I started walking and heads for the cave entrance as they both followed me. I sensed that there were a lot of ferals inside of the cave as I figured there was a cave system inside the mountain. I walked into the cave and kept going as there were strings of lights on either side of the cave walls that were on to help light the caves. It helped a lot as I saw that they weren’t expecting us at all as I could also sense Jason and Charna as well. For some reason we didn’t see a lot of fer
:icongodzilla99:godzilla99 23 15
So close to the sky by Leundra So close to the sky :iconleundra:Leundra 140 19 .:Commission:..: Tysha:. by Dark-Spine-Dragon .:Commission:..: Tysha:. :icondark-spine-dragon:Dark-Spine-Dragon 84 15
The time traveller Chapter 4 - Fearing (Part 3)
Matt was lucky to find a parking spot at his favorite grocery story. He parked right at the side of the police-car that was standing there all day long. The shopping would distract him a little bit from the films he had just seen.
He got in the store just a few minutes before nobody would be allowed no to enter that day. He normally doesn't go to the store that late because many things are only available during the day, but sometimes they started to bring rare products into the salesroom although they should be sold the next day. He got a tip from a colleague that they would be selling something he had been longing for since the war.
While he rushed through store, only taking some items he thought he may need and he still had food stamps for, he was looking the pile of cans his colleague has told him about.
Then he found it right in the last corner of the shop.
Canned pineapples.
It was nearly impossible to get one in these days, since nearly all nations that produced them had stopped
:iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 1 2
The time traveller Chapter 4 - Fearing (Part 2)
"Man, come on, the pedal to your right is the accelerator!"
Matt pushed the horn, trying to get the attention of the cars in front of him, pressing the accelerator while having his gears in neutral position. But the only reaction of his car was a bleep of the computer, telling him to stop in order to safe energy. He was still not totally used to his new electric car.
Mat let himself fall back into his seat, angered that he could not express his anger with his car. That was one of the disadvantages of an electric car, you can barely hear it.
In the next moment he remembered all the sensible stuff in the rear part of his car and leaned back on the steering wheel, pressing the horn again.
"Damnit!" he yelled out, angry at himself for being so careless. He had paid nearly 25 000 € on bribes to a pharmacy, so they would get him several cartons of long-lasting antibiotics. They would be worth their weight in gold, that was for sure. Together with some other stuff he would probably n
:iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 1 1
Beautiful Creatures by Natsuakai Beautiful Creatures :iconnatsuakai:Natsuakai 310 73
Mature content
The-time-traveller Ch 3 Exploring +learning (P 1) :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 2 2




At this time , going through the occasional economics adjustment that cover the phases of life, maturity, seniority and just plain overdue changes...

At some point to be followed with the moving truck...another fave.

Getting warmer, yet knowing that the tilt axis starts its winter journey in just 9 weeks again!

Art block ended by mutual boredom a few weeks back and some well procrastinated gift arts began their path with a few more to follow.

Enjoy your end-of-winter, or Spring or summer or whatever the lands bring you, take the time to enjoy each other as well as you go.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Have just been three years on DA, but lurked many more. Am older in human years but in dragon years, still just a kid- and feel that way. Been in art of one kind or another for a long time and have tried a lot of it, and still looking for more. Also have been involved in another art form over the years- engineering. Have been a technician right on up through layout designer, electrical, electronic, and mechanical, dabbled in optics and aerodynamics. Have worked in famous companies and in others run out of garages. If you are on a computer or tablet right now (and you are) a few of the chips in that box have circuits I helped draw and perfect.
I really can say that the DA experience has helped develop my skill in art, the peers/mentors and friends, the superb and numerous tutorials, truly a classroom if you look at it. Go at your own pace.
Prefer simple living and currently reside in the desert communities between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.




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