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Moons and Morons RPG - First Edition Cover

Moons & Morons was a short-lived science fiction RPG, a mix of Traveller (character creation, world design), Tunnels and Trolls (gameplay and solo playability), Gamma World (creature design) and with a dash of Paranoia (world design).

There have always been rumours that Renée Duvall did some writing for the Moons & Morons RPG back in the day.
Some of the creature descriptions in the first edition certainly sound like her trademark terse prose. (as one critic put it: "... her prose feels like she's spitting out words through clenched teeth.")
And then there's the undeniable similarity between the M&M Nergold Sector and Renée Duvall's Millyverse.

Clarification: Both Renée Duvall and the roleplaying game do not exist and are just figments of my imagination
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Very funny title, and a very convincing homage to that graphics style. You fooled me at first. :)

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I absolutely play this game. 😁👍

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I want to play this. And someone stole my red boxed set original D&D Player Handbook. The damn thing is worth a small fortune nowadays. :cries:

Edheldil3D's avatar

Klasse Umschlag! Sieht aus wie echt.

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Just based on the title and image I'd play it!

REK-3D's avatar

Hehe, I wish it existed :)

At first i thought it was a campaign book for Star Frontier RPG from 1982... (you're probably too young to have played this). Very well done.

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I'm probably quite a lot older than you think, lol. Star Frontier was the first RPG I ever bought (way back when) :).

I based the M&M design/layout on the first D&D editions. D&D was red, Star Frontier (also from TSR) had more or less the same layout but had a purple colour scheme. That's why I chose blue for M&M :)

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Busting up! "spitting out words through clenched teeth" is a signature style of writing!!! Love it!

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Thanks :D! Glad you found it entertaining :)

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I love everything about this!

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Glad you like it :D

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I love this. The cover with the damaged edges are great! Did you do that in Affinity Designer? Very impressive stuff. :love:

REK-3D's avatar

Thanks :)

Yup, the "creases and damage" look is just a black and white texture overlayed in screen mode. And a bit of touch up. And then some gradients overlayed for the shadow/light effect on the right and left side.

I did it in Affinity Designer, but almost any graphics program should be able to do it, as long as it has layers and layer blend modes. Affinity Photo, Photoshop, Corel Paint, Gimp, etc

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