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2018-2019 Part 1

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Art Commissions [OPEN]


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Fixing Models Sinking in Motions


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Ubuntu 20.10

Desktop and Themes

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Viking Layer Styles

Font Styles and Effects

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Tantheas's Color pallette [F2U]

Stocks, Textures, and Studies

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Outfit Photoshop Actions 2

Photoshop Actions

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MMD Cave(Destroyed) Stage DL

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Cotton Candy Clouds

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Pokemon House TF RP

We both bought ourselves a new house. However, stepping inside reveals that we should've known about all along. I won't accept all Pokémon. Ask about side effects.

RPs and Ideas

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Team Spirit - Anthro Panda Bear TF

Dan arrived home from his morning jog to find that he had a delivery waiting for him. Recently, he’d ordered a jersey for one of the esports teams he watched, and had been waiting on it for a while, due to an annoying amount of shipping delays. However, the bag left in his mailbox seemed promising, so he grabbed it eagerly and brought it inside. Dan kicked off his shoes, shut the door behind him, and sat down on the couch to open the shipping bag. He tore open the adhesive seal on the top, and pulled out the contents of the bag. As expected, it contained the sports jersey; golden coloured fabric, the black banner over the chest with the team’s name, the panda logo on the shoulders, it was exactly as expected. He pulled it over his head and began to return to his bedroom. He sat down at his desk, feeling somewhat itchy beneath the new jersey he was wearing. Dan scratched at his chest, but thought little of it. The clothing was brand new, it’s not terribly unusual. He

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Chapter Ten, Solaywen.

I had never been to the capital, so this entire trip had me excited and also nervous. Nervous about the trip itself, we had to cross through an entire country before we even got back to our home country. Also nervous about even going to Solawyen.. All the stories I had heard about the capital made it out to be this massive place filled with sights you wouldn't see anywhere else. However, that is where the excitement came in. If any of the stories were true.. Ah I just had to see! But we had a trip that would be several months long to get through first. On another note.. Majority of the fevren aside from those that knew I just wanted to help eyed me with suspicion, not that I can blame them. I just randomly showed up one night, the next evening a force attacks their camp and I'm not working amongst them.. I think anyone with a right mind would be a bit wary of me. That being said, Borus and Dedric were two of the only other people that actively talked to me. The other people were those


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MIAD / Illustration II / Illustrated Cookbook


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awsome video game music

resident evil revelations main menu theme silent hill theam ror the attic pokemon traner red theme Super Paper Mario - The Ultimate Show Super Paper Mario Dimentio Charming Magician Vs. Marx - Super Smash Bros. Brawl link to my gallery


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art trade : gretel

2017-2018 Part 2

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2017-2018 Part 1

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