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Eisprinz Novel Cover

By Rejia
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Hey there!

It's been a while since I last submitted something. This is a cover I've been working on. It's for an illustrated novel, which is- at the same time- a personal project of mine. Feedback is always welcome!

I didn't want to paint on it too much, since the crayon effect would be gone otherwise.
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It's glittery because of the crayon effect, but it works well with the colors you picked!  I hope your art novel is successful!
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ohmy thank you! It's pretty hard to work on it ;=; my motivation is many projects and it's so hard to decide ;--; I need a manager M.M
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That happens a lot when working on a project ; u ;.  The best thing to do is work on one at a time, maybe with a calendar to keep to a schedule.  Once you knock one out, it's pretty rewarding :D!  If you work on too many at a time, you'll feel like you're doing a lot of work, but you won't be finishing anything :0 (it's a much longer process).  What project are you working on at the moment :]? 
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aah somebody cares ;-; *hugs you*

That's exactly the feeling I have right now!
What project.. I'm trying to use sleepers with Pray.. but I have a few logical gaps here and there and can't close them :I
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Oh my :0!  Stuck on plot direction or combining both universes or borrowing from them both to make one new thing?  It sounds really're going to have to sew in plot stitches to make sense of things that you've added or taken away :0.  Do you have a manager or an editor (I don't know what they're called!  They help their comic artists bridge gaps and tell them what works and what doesn't)?