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Esk Headshots - Round ? by rejamrejam Esk Headshots - Round ? :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 71 1 Ikaros by rejamrejam Ikaros :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 86 4 Ikkit's Fountain - CLOSED by rejamrejam Ikkit's Fountain - CLOSED :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 54 54 Haunted House Hill - Completed YEH by rejamrejam Haunted House Hill - Completed YEH :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 228 6 Dreamy Color Hacks - Photoshop Tutorial by rejamrejam Dreamy Color Hacks - Photoshop Tutorial :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 78 5 Esk Pixel Bases 2 - Free to Use by rejamrejam Esk Pixel Bases 2 - Free to Use :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 69 0 Madness by rejamrejam Madness :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 123 4 Trick or Treat by rejamrejam Trick or Treat :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 19 0 Ghost by rejamrejam Ghost :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 15 8
Dry Socket - Changing His Path
It remembers, sometimes.
Esk do not need sleep but Socket has never found this to be an impediment to the act of dreaming, at least. It takes a conscious effort of stringing oneself between one world and another, but that is a place where Esks thrive, even new and bumbling Esks like Socket.
In the dreams it (he) remembers. The before-time is vague and water-smeared shapes of sleeping, eating, and forever running running running and hiding hiding hiding. The defining shape of the before-time is Fear--not the clever, weblike, nuanced fear that hikers feel when they trespass in its (his) boundary, but a naked and uncomplicated fear that was more impulse than emotion: today, do not die.
What memories come during the waking time are mostly in the shape of Her and all her Horribleness: of her long fingerlike claws stroking a rabbit’s trembling ears with a distinct curiosity that it could not know then but recognizes too intimately now. There is a need, now, to know things. It is an awf
:iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 5 1
Esk Pixel Bases - Free to Use by rejamrejam Esk Pixel Bases - Free to Use :iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 112 4
Gee - Her Purpose
She tells it, as she always does, as a story.
It must be said that she has an obliging audience: several pairs of dark eyes turned up towards her, gleaming in the lamplight in obedient thrall as they waited for the tale to continue. A firefly is resting on Patter’s forehead, placidly signalling in time with the rise and fall of Gee’s voice.
“There had been ballrooms and dances; there had been teatimes and journeys to town. But love loves to find us where we do not go looking.”
Parts of it are true. Parts of it aren’t. And so much time has passed that even Gee herself, at times, is not quite sure where the lines between the real and the false were. She can never recall such a thing without thinking of Ikkit and the shadows that danced around him, obscuring the boundary between Esk and environment, and she has to suppress a sigh at the thought of how inextricably she has been bound up to such a creature of illusion. Just as well for a storyteller, perhaps, b
:iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 2 0
Eskil - Their Purpose (post-abnormal)
When she wanders, now, it is not with the sense she’d had before. Before her travels had felt at all times vaguely like attempts at escape, as if by walking or drifting far enough she might snap the thread between herself and her misery. Instead it had seemed impossibly elastic, forever dragging dark clouds behind her, settling them back as soon as she paused to rest or reconsider.
An Esk’s feet are weightless, of course; they are spirits, they are bound to no earth. But despite that fact she cannot help but feel that her hooves are lighter than they’ve ever felt. The prison of her old form and its baggage had been thrown open, and she nearly feels a need to dance at times; to leap deerlike over streams for the sheer luxuriating joy of existence. Dark clouds are no nuisance now. Even the most real stormclouds are just an opportunity for some new dance among the lightning, or some new song about the rain. They always pass, in any case. She had never seen it before, whi
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Tulgey - Threshold
It is not a word he would think to use, but Socket’s general idea of Mimsy’s latest creation might be summed up succinctly as “meticulous.”
This was such a drastic difference from his own existence that it had struck him as at first fascinating, and then frustrating, and then inspiring. He had gone off to come to his own conclusions about Being an Esk, and left Tulgey behind where it had been created, to continue going about their careful--meticulous--business of existing. This business consisted mostly of Collecting, both of Things and of Information, with a careful mental cataloging of the latter and a carefully organized storing of the former.
In their quest for assistance on this front it must be said that Mimsy had not been particularly obliging. She had summoned them as if from the aether, she had taught them, in an indirect and perhaps experimental way, to make some companions for themselves with the excess of energy pulsing around the site of their creat
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The Fountain - Prized Possession
It is autumn, and it is chilly, but this is no hardship to a very small and determined Esk. Or to two of them.
“Waterslide!” demands Patter, and Pebble, fairly vibrating with enthusiasm, quickly turns it into a chant: Waterslide waterslide waterslide!
Fountain doesn’t mind obliging--she never does--but nonetheless she puts on a very transparent show of exasperation before giving in, and the chants are swallowed up in giggles and shrieks as the pair of little Esks are sent tumbling down a spiraling waterfall in thin air, ending with a great ski-slope arc that deposits them--splash and splash--into the urn on her back.
They surface excitedly, Pebble dogpaddling and Patter scrabbling at the side, and it becomes a game of sightseeing from their majestic perch atop Fountain’s back, although she does spice up the impromptu journey with the occasional surge to turn their mobile pond into a mobile wave pool.
A paddle pool for tiny Esks is but one of the many func
:iconrejamrejam:rejamrejam 5 0
The Fountain - Enchantment
She remembers the moment it had first occurred to her.
Since her awakening she had found a certain fascination in the way that humans wished on waters. She listened from shadows or from beneath the surface, leafing thoughts apart to separate the words that always rang more clearly from the surrounding murmur as a coin broke the surface. Sometimes they were charming: a kitten, a new lipstick, a kiss. Sometimes sympathetic: a better grade, a larger bank account, an end to this damned headache. And still other times they were simply tragic. She had listened to silent--and sometimes spoken--pleas for one more week with him, for the hand to start working again before the work dried up, for just one hour without pain.
She was nestled among the stones. A mediterranean breeze ruffled leaves overhanging a fountain with water nearly as beautifully-emerald green as the trees themselves. She was far from home but this was no hardship to a creature like herself, although she had known others of her
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Commission Information


I do not keep regular open slots except for Esk Masterlist art commissions. If commissions are available they will be listed in my recent journal entries. I also sometimes am willing to swap art for Blythe doll clothing, see the widget below this one!

Since I get asked this a lot since my commission posts get taken down regularly as I clean up, my approximate (very approximate) prices are around:

$15 - For a loosely painted headshot, esk
$20 - For a loosely painted headshot, human/etc.
$20 - Lineart and shaded fullbody, esk
$40 - Esk ML art or fullbody
$45 - Lineart + shaded fullbody, human/etc.

Fully rendered scenes in any style are priced according to complexity and number of characters.

Thank you :D

Art for Doll Clothes Commissions

As with my Esk masterlist art, these commissions are a standing offer. I will take no more than three at a time--in other words, if there are any empty spaces in the To-Do list below, they are open, and if there aren't, I am full up!

Instead of set prices, these commissions will involve you deciding what you want to pay (by choosing something out of my wishlist to buy me) and getting equivalent art in exchange. This can be a bit fluid so feel free to discuss with me what you're looking for, but the commission price list above can give you a guideline.

To claim an open slot, let me know which item from My Doll Wishlist you'd like to buy and what equivalent commission type you'd like in exchange, either going by the above price list or discussing it with me. You should count the shipping price (to the US) in the total cost to you! If the item is ten dollars plus five dollars shipping, consider that a fifteen dollar purchase.

Once we've hammered out what you like you can send me the amount required for the item + shipping and I'll add you to my list!

Turnaround time will vary, depending on complexity and my current workload. I am always available for questions and updates here or on Discord where I am Rejam#0001. Thank you for feeding my dolly habit!

1. ness
2. jenn
3. prolixity

Other Ways to Support Me

I will never say no to a nice comment--it means the world to me!--but if you're interested in helping support my content please consider looking at the following:

My Ko-Fi for small donations to help support my love of bubble baths and fish tacos (not... not together)

My Redbubble if you'd like to buy some merch with my art on it (I get a small cut!)

Thank you!


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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Hello! I am Cole/Rejam. I live in Tennessee and draw things. I like ghosts, clowns, and Blythe dolls.
Turnaround time remains on the high side but I can rush for birthdays/gifts/whatever! As always, you can view my public to-do list  here. (finishing up last headshot from previous batch as this post goes live!)

I can do non-esk critters as well (but no humans right now, I find them exhausting lol)

Headshots by rejamrejam

Not sure how many slots I'm taking right now, I will determine when I have enough to go on with depending on how complex the ones I get are.

I may stream these. If they're a surprise for someone please let me know so I don't stream them!

If your Esk doesn't have a nature feature on or near their head, it will be added as a decorative background element.

Prices are in USD and can be sent to! Minimum price is 17.00*, but if you have a complex character, crazy nature feature, enchantments, etc. please throw in a couple extra bucks if you can afford it. No familiars at this time please unless they're something super simple like bugs :) (Smile) Enchantments etc. at my discretion!

Please comment below with a link to your Esk/s and I will reply to accept until I run out of slots!

Star!   Thank you so much!   Star!

1. manabuns
2. coldplaykeyboard
3. mekomiya
4. ange-face
5. meroviathan
6. Teslacat
7. Teslacat

* price up by two dollars because they're taking me longer than they used to as I get better at them!


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