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Pearl and Marina from Splatoon 2

Off the Hook's Pearl and Marina from Splatoon 2!!!

I saw the new idols of Splatoon 2 and... I couldn't resist drawing them, since suddenly Nintendo reveals this  adorables characters out of nowhere.

anyway hope you guys like it!

Done using Photoshop CC14 on Wacom Cth-680
Original Size: 5000x7090 600dpi

I know I haven't been exactly active lately, but i'll do my best from now on since i have free time, i will back soon!!!

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So amazing. :0
pastelicecream's avatar
so cute! my own suggestion is to give marina more african american features and make her darker! Other then that this is cute!
customwaifus's avatar
Love the colors! ~I wanna draw them some day x3 but I keep putting it off xD;
Reivash's avatar
 >///< Thank you so much for your comment, It would be amazing to see, please make it! :D
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Stay Fresh the Hook!
Reivash's avatar
hahah glad you like it
Watson-inc's avatar
That moment when you're a better artist than Nintendo
Reivash's avatar
lol xD but nintendo is literally love, Thank You so much for the compliment ^^
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Yes very great indeed^^ Most wonderful work on this~ I would LOVE see much more of Marina drawn in your lovely style! Ah she's so so CUTE :heart: is she not?
Reivash's avatar
Yes. You're absolutely right. shes is tottally cute
Reivash's avatar
Thank you so much. :3
BigBigZ's avatar
Your work is awesome but dam the small girl is ugly vs the big sexy lady there and she looks far better then the game
Reivash's avatar
hahahahahah xD iknow she is a little ugly xD
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Holy shit that's bud
Cosnzaid36's avatar
Reivash's avatar
haha thankyou ... ~~ -'v'-)/
Damn, that shit good
Reivash's avatar
ahhahah thanks xD
This is way to good, keep on doing this!
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