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KDA Ahri

By Reivash
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¡fuuu!,Ahri fan art in his KDA skin, it took me longer than i expected especially to get the her tails done as best I could
but I finally finished this piece.

I was inspired to paint this after watching The K/DA music video for “POP/STARS”  interpreted by four champions of League of Legends

Anyways, feedback and comments are always welcome!

Done using Photoshop CC14 on Huion GT221 Pro
Original Size: 7000x9976 600dpi

Ahri belongs to Riot Games
Artwork belongs to me

You can also find me at:Instagram New Icon Instagram  Pixiv Icon Logo Pixiv   ArtStation Icon Artstation                  

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© 2018 - 2020 Reivash
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Como puedo conseguir la imagen en maxima resolucion? tienes patreon?

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Do you take comissions? And if so, how much do you charge?

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 Llama-Emoji-13 (I'm Pretty) [V1]  thank you very much ! glad you like her so much C:
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You're welcome, honestly she looks like she's a real human without getting creepy, if this were a movie it would be the best GCI I ever saw

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This is so beautiful!

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Thank you! I'm glad you think so! TheLethalArtist777
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The best kda ahri fan art i ever seen
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Oh thank you for you comment~! I really appreciate it!

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ur art is beautiful ;_;
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I am new here - how can i get the full size image?? please y eso, ni siquiera hablo ingles, como puedo conseguir la imagen en su mejor calidad de tamaño??

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Amazing. I love that hair and those details. 
This piece also reminds me of Sakimichan) 
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definitely one of the best versions I've seen.
I'd be extremelly grateful if you did a tutorial on how you made those gorgeous diamond shapes. It looks amazing. Awesome job!
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This is BY FAR one of your best works yet. Phenomenal art
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So beautiful !!
 I love it !
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She beautiful!:love:
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OMG!!! te quedo hermosa!!! Love in the Air Happy Tears 

dibujas realmente genial, tu estilo me encanta !! 
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This looks great!
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One of the best Ahri fan arts I have seen so far.
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Beautiful colours, so many details...and such a sharp image!
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Awesome!!! are you open for commissions I'd like to make one and maybe subscribe to your patreon. Christmas is coming up and I was thinking of A waifu present lol :3
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