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black parade 7 rainmeter

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Hi there... It's my debut work on DeviantART
I hope you'll enjoy it ))
Well, that's what I used
ROCKETdock - one of standart themes.
CD Art Display: Pure adium skin
(Credits to author: Nevezen!) [link]
* Alphabar (Log Off skin) by redblackproduction [link]
* Weather by garbanzox [link] ~ edited
* HUD.Vision (Picture. Browser + Wallpaper) ~ edited
* HUD.Vision (CPU)
* Snotes by albinozz [link]
* Lexis (Calendar) by Kenz0 [link]
* GeoSans (Drives White Minimal) by gberger [link]
* FLAT (Uptime, RAM) by theking9794
* FLAT (Clock) by theking9794 [link] ~ edited
* DISTINCT (Programs) by cbrownstudios [link] ~ edited with TOKEN icons (by brsev [link])
* Country flags by
think0, chasing14, xxoblivionxx ...
* Wallpaper's taken from here [link]
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Sry for repost. I'm new to rainmeter.
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So what happens to windows start bar? Did you put it hidden?
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So what happens to windows start menu? Its automatically hidden?
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Could you possibly put a download link for the actual skin, I really like the whole combo thing but I don't know how to do it :I Plus I just like this whole look. Awesome work :D
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combining the skins nice
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cool man! you crazy! I like it
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How did you add the flag?
I went to the link you gave for the flags and downloaded the flag of my country but I have no idea how to put it in my desktop like you did.
Please email me at with the answer, thank you very much!
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woww... this amazing ! :)
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how did you get the program icons white? sry im new to rainmeter
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Well... you should download icon pack
I used TOKEN icons [link]

Apply DISTINCT icons, for example ffox
Then open its *ini... (mouse2->edit skin)
Find the line

Change to desirable icon (where TOKEN icons placed)
For example
FoxIcon=F:\Token Light\TokenW-PNG\Communication+Internet\firefox.png

Then find the lines
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute [!RainmeterRedraw]
LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute ["#FoxLocation#"][!RainmeterRedraw]

FoxLocation change to ... for example... c:\program files\firefox\firefox.exe
It'll look like
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute [!RainmeterRedraw]
LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute ["c:\program files\firefox\firefox.exe"][!RainmeterRedraw]

Then find:

Change it to

Save changes

Then mouse2->refresh skin
It's got to work ;)

If you've still got questions - ask 'em here)
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I think I figured everything out this is what i came up with [link] I forget the links to everything I used but those were the icons I wanted they fit great. I was going to put a weather but I couldn't get it to work i tried entering the code for quarryville pa but nothing happened. Oh well it is not like I go outside anyways:meditate:. I thought about posting it on deviant art and trying find all the links i used but i have never posted image on deviant art and wouldn't know where to put it or if anyone would care to see it. Thanks for your help I started a second red theme but I decided wait till tired of this one to continue it.
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can you upload your cpu meter skin? i cant found it

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can you link to pure adium?
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Looks strange...
I couldn't find it on DeviantART anymore...

Try this ;)
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Jayem13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is the flag part of the Rainmeter skin??? If so, how can I get it??? Cool desktop btw
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