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Battlefield BC 2 Rainmeter

By reiterman
Finally! I managed to buy widescreen display ))
So this is it - hoping you'll appreciate my new rainmeter ;)

RocketDock (Blank) with TOKEN icons ~ by brsev [link]
* GeoSans (Drives) ~ by gberger [link]
* PILEUS (clock) ~ by livinglightningrod [link] (with font Hotel Coral Essex)
* Liquid Tension (CPU and RAM) ~by Liquid-Tension-vbb [link]
* Weather ~ by garbanzox [link]
* Black Glass (Calendar) ~ by LAvalon [link]
* DarkGlass ~ by Vick88 [link]
* PC Games Dock Icons ~ by molobakk [link]
CD art display - PicTAB skin (~ by AquaTemple) [link]
(modified a little bit -> standard font changed to CAPTURE IT)
Wallpaper ~ by CrossDominatriX5 [link] (edited)
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Hey there, Okay I am a total noob, I downloaded all the files from the links you specified up there. Only PILEUS had an rmskin which got installed pretty easily just but double clicking on it. How do I go about with the other files, like all the individual folders with ini files in them, how can I used them? Please help, I am a total noob and saw your skin and love it, want to make my desktop look similar to yours. Thanks and awaiting your reply :) 
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Can i know how you change the applications/program icons at the right side? 
how can you use the dock and its behind the dark glass?
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great work dude..keep it up...
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Wooow.fantastic desktop.thanks for share bro. :-)
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quick question, how did you add those icons onto the bar on the right? I just got into this all yesterday so.. I need a little bit of help ><
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that's rocket dock
install it

in options of this program will be "right-corner icons" or smth in such way ;)
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really? I have rocket dock but I have not used it to much. I can't find a fitting theme and icon set for it, though I do admire yours
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Nice desktop customization :)
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What program do you use for the games dock?
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Hey. can u relink what u need to do to fix the clock i cant seem to get it to work. but man this whole layout. if u can some how save it and make it all as one so all u had to do was install it would be amazing i live badcompany so much it looks amazing
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Might Be silly Question :P
how do i change the icon of my computer to the rocketdocks icon ? :/
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Well it's simple enough

To change the icon of (for example) My Comp, just do this:

Right-Click on MyComp on dock and select "Icon Setting" , now click on the "+" button which is just below the list ( see this image [link]) now browse for the folder the MyComp icon is located in , the folder will be added in the list and you can select the icon from "Icons" section

It can be *.ico and *.png icons
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legal,mas bota um teu ai!MOLO!
Sorry to ask but how to make those over size icons on your desktop?
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you mean game icons?

Oh... I've made in such stupid complicated way))

Download PC Games Dock Icons
Download any skin with icons for programs
For example - DISTINCT
Setup ffox icon
Then open its *ini...
Find the line

Change to desirable icon (where Games Dock icons placed)
For example FoxIcon=F:\Dock icons\137_PC_Games_Dock_Icons_1_by_molobakk\png_big\battlefield.png

Then find the lines
LeftMouseDownAction=!Execute [!RainmeterRedraw]
LeftMouseUpAction=!Execute ["#FoxLocation#"][!RainmeterRedraw]

Erase them
Then find:

Erase it too
Find the lines

These are dimensions of your icon
Change it for example to

thaanks bro it work!
I can't change the font type for PILEUS Clock can you give me the link for yours please?
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Hotel Coral Essex font is here [link]
Download it, then unpack and copy Hotel Coral Essex.ttf to c:/windows/fonts

Reboot ur PC
Then you may apply this font for the clock skin
Click mouse2 on clock skin->edit skin->erase all info and change to this one [link]
Save changes->refresh skin ;)
it still will not change i followed all your steps and refreshed and still didnt change it looks so borrrinnnggg at the moment lol :o

Thanks for your help.
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