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Feline Color Guide



This is something that I made a while back for a school project. We had to create something science based, but in a form other than a research paper. This little interactive explains the basic cat Mendelian genetics, and how they would look on a cat.

Please do not point out errors and expect them to be fixed. I am not planning to fix this unless I was going to redo the entire project. Any mistakes in information I take credit for, so do not expect this to be 100% accurate as a source.

ERROR: On the eye color panel it should read: If a cat is white over the eyes, the eye will be BLUE (not white).

Do not steal this or take credit for it. Do not post anywhere else without my permission.

Also, please do not sell cats made with this tool for points or any other currency. These designs are available to anyone for free, so no one should be given payment for art that I made. You can use designs from this, just not the actual art, sorry.
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Oh wow, no comments since 2011. I remember playing around with this game years back when I was still really into the books and fandom, even started working on my own cat creator based on it (never finished though). So just wanted to say thank you for making this! :D Shame it doesn't work so well on Eclipse.