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WAF Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin WAF Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin
I wish it was a real organization or whatever...

I'm a girl. woman. female. but feminists need to get that sand out of their vagina. there's "equality," and then there's feminism. feminists seem to think that they're fighting for women's rights, but they're not. they're fighting to be the better sex, to make men feel like they did something wrong when they didn't. yes, we had to fight for certain rights, and we've come a long way. yes, there are men that still are sexist against women. but tell me, how many things have you seen changed because feminists had a problem with it? how many video games from japan had to replace female characters with male characters in the EUP and US releases because women didn't like seeing girls get beat up?

men, what do women complain about that really tick you off? leaving the toilet seat up? asking "does this dress make my butt look big" and then getting angry at your answer? you know what I say? leave that damn toilet seat up! we should look where we're sitting anyway! and don't a lot of men like big butts? sometimes women complain for the sake of complaining, and that's coming from me, a women who complains A LOT.

but seriously, are feminists saying that women can't handle taking a punch? that women should be respected more than any other sex? that we're frail and delicate, so don't tell us what to do? equal rights between sexes means not trying to push the other one down. sure, there are men who shove women down, but are feminists setting a good example? a man cheats on a woman, so he deserves his dick cut off, but a woman cheats and she's just a slut? no, a woman cheats and she needs to be punched in her huge vagina until it can no longer feel pleasure! or cut off the clit or something, I don't care, whatever floats your zeppelin.

point is, just like PETA giving us vegetarians a bad name, feminists give us women a bad name. there's room for complaint, but there's also crossing the line. that's with anything; religion, cultural stereotypes, race, etc. but men need to be reassured that not all of us are gonna nag them for leaving the toilet seat up or punching a female bad guy in the face in a side scroller fighting game. we're not weak little fairies, so we shouldn't demand men to be afraid of ripping our little fairy wings off.

*sigh* then again, I'm pansexual and will stare at a girl's awesome can as she walks by like any straight guy would. OH! that's another thing! when girlfriends or wives try to keep a leash on their man when he's doing nothing wrong. so, you can go drinking with your friends, but he can't go watch football at his bud's house? there have been times when I tell my guy friends, "dude, you need to show your woman her place." there are cases where that leash needs to be cut. if our men don't try to control us, we shouldn't try to control our men. mike thanks me for letting his friends or family come over, and I say, "why are you thanking me?" because even if I had a problem with it, it's not MY place to say what he can and cannot do. I know my place because I used to be sexist against men when I was young. why? cause we're raised that way. welp, it took until around junior year of highschool, but I finally understood the problems.

they say "men are stupid and women are crazy." it's not that men are unintelligent, and it's not that women have mental problems. it's that a woman will get mad for some reason, yell at her man, and he'll wonder what the hell he did wrong (so  called "stupidity"). chances are, he didn't do anything! and when he's bewildered and not apologizing to her about some asinine thing, she gets even more mad because he didn't know what he did wrong (so called "craziness").

anyway, I think I'm done ranting. yeah.


yeah, so a bitch brought up a good point. "so you enjoy men treating you like trash?" um, personally, I haven't really been made fun of for being a girl since elementary school. if I'm playing TF2 or what not, I get guys who are very surprised that I sniped them, but I'm not "treated like trash." jee, I wonder why? maybe because I'm not constantly sodomizing them with a hot hair curler? you want a gender to treat you with respect? then treat that gender with respect. if I man treats you like trash, well that's his problem, isn't it? but that doesn't mean ALL men treat women like trash. that doesn't mean that ALL men are chauvinistic pigs. just like not ALL women try to pretend they're being suppressed by men. but you know what? there are those who do. "feminist?" there's no "maleist" or whatever. why? because it's disrespectful to women. we fought for women's rights, but give men rights and they're sexist.

I've had just as many male friends as I've had females. wanna know why? because I earned the respect that a woman deserves. you don't need to fight, you just gotta get the sand out of your vagina and show them you're a person, not a teensy little fairy that cries if a boy flicks you in the nose. you want respect? maybe you should do some research on respect really means.

and men, and know there are quite a lot of you who DO think women are just things, and it's a sad, sad truth. but there are women who thing men are toys too. equality is equality because we are the same, we all bleed red. but men, know this: not every woman is a psycho bitch that whines about you not making your side of the bed. sometimes we can be hard to find, but you just gotta filter out the bitches. PEACE BRO!
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July 6, 2014
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