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mike and I recently got into my hero academia (totes ship deku and kacchan), so I wanted to give myself a quirk. however, I couldn't really choose. my real self and my Reitanna character differ, that's to say, my Reitanna character is more held together than I am. so I decided that I'm gonna do real me, Reitanna, and perfect Reitanna.

this is real me... except her hair cut isn't grown out, she's not as fat, and she doesn't have scabs... she also has eyebrows... okay, she's still a fictional version of me. it's no secret that, when I'm angry, I'M ANGRY. I've been told for years that my angry side is scary, by people who've seen it in person, and people who haven't. you should also know that, in my dreams, I'm awesome. well, a regular occurrence in my dreams is that, when I'm angry, I start to phase into Annatier (I often hear her singing her name while this happens). sometimes I will try to drown out the singing so as to keep her at bay. sometimes I let it happen, and when I do, I become an unstoppable force that destroys everything, like an out of control saiyan. in this form, I end up killing many people, and when I calm down, police are after me for it, but I can't remember doing it.

so, even though I wanted to give myself a quirk that represented my happy side, there's no denying this part of me, and I think it could be useful for being a hero if I made sure to control it. I probably would've been on the path to being a villain. I'm not sure exactly what path I would take, if I'm honest with myself. it depends on if having the quirk makes me power hungry. well, let's pretend I want to be a hero. she has two things that ensure she keeps control. there's a sort of crown on her head with censors attached to the front and back of the head, and it reads her level of anger. green is obviously not angry at all. if it fills all the way to red, she needs to have the panic button pressed. this can be difficult. if she is out of control, her true self will still be fighting to get through. if she can get control for just long enough to press the panic button, she can calm down. she can also press it to calm down if she knows her anger level is getting too high. if she is with other people, someone else can also press her panic button. she wears it even when she's not in her costume.

like Annatier, when the dark form is out of control, her yellow eyes turn red. don't be fooled by her angry side though; just like me, she is able to feel all other emotions quite strongly, and that includes happiness. she is very kind until something manages to piss her off, though she's built up a lot of endurance, so it takes a lot for her dark form to get out of control.

I want to draw the other half for both of them. it'll be rather easy since I did this on colors! 3D. I've reserved a happy quirk for Reitanna, and I still haven't thought of something good enough for perfect Reitanna.
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