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Let's Party, Pinkie Pie!

this is my first time vectoring a mane character and not an OC! I'm really proud of how she turned out, especially since it was so tedious, mostly because of the dress. but this is the dress I pictures when described in "cupcakes," and the hat is what she wears in "apple bloom gets her cutie mark." I'm gonna eventually vector the other five bakers in their outfits later.

anyhoo, an update on PWF... I've chosen the layout for page 18! WHOO I ACCOMPLISHED SO MUCH!! in all seriousness though, remember that you will get a page when you get a page. I'm happy that people love my comic, but it's the beggars that make me not want to do it at all. the beggars and the demanders. the "just finish the comic already" people, or the "stop working on other stuff" people. yes, I get those. frankly, demanding is worse than begging. I'm an artist of MANY mediums, and if I stick to one thing for too long, I get in a rut. I don't want my HOBBIES to become WORK, that's why I don't do any of this stuff professionally. besides, "come on and finish the comic" makes me feel a little pressured considering that there are TWENTY CHAPTERS. TWENTY. we're on chapter EIGHT. I will work on the comic when I FEEL LIKE IT. I will write when I feel like it, I will draw when I feel like it, I will narrate when I feel like it, and I will make videos when I feel like it. I am an agoraphobic, manic depressive insomniac, I don't need any more stress than I already have. I love you guys to death, but chillax. I'm one human being with many interests, I'm sure you guys can relate. so chill, please.

sorry for the rant.
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I like that you included raincloud (i think thats their name) that im pretty sure was pinkies first kill in the side stories, its a nice little thing i noticed.
(Unless that isnt meant to be raincloud)
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Aw, she looks cute. Here's what I think she is saying.

"Good Morning AJ! It's A Brand New Day! Wake Up! Wake Up! It's Time To Play!"

I love that base and her cute face. I am a fan of your Muffins Stories, I listen to them on Youtube. But my sister, Melanie, always catches me watching your Muffins Stories. So I was thinking, maybe we can be friends? :D My favorite ponies in your Muffins Stories is Minkie Pie, (Because of her soft calm voice, but raises it when she gets angry. And has a long beautiful mane) Pinkie Pie, (Because she is the leader, she is also Pink, which is my favorite color. Also I like her hyperactive voice and she has a pink fluffy mane) Apple Bloom, (Because she is a filly, having a southern accent, and she is a redhead) Derpy Hooves, (Because she is a Pegasus, she is blonde, and I feel bad when she is called stupid or called a retard) And Babs Seed, (Because she is also a filly, also has a southern accent, is also a redhead, and had a very amazing kill on Fluttershy)
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friendships are formed unconsciously, not by asking
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Oh. :'( I'm I bad? Did I screw up? :'( Is it my fault? Did I do on purpose? :'( I'm so, so, sorry. I feel very bad now. I guess I'm terrible at making friends. (Tear) Why am I always a guilty person? I kinda feel guilty for saying all that stuff. (Tear) I'm sorry. :'(
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Wait.... Isn't that Minty's cutie mark from MLP G3?
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I'm doing a lil FLuffle Puff/Muffins crossover rn so thats fun.
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Chances are you've seen already, but this happened:…
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dammit, I really wish I could buy it XD apparently my vector was used on a bootleg Russian MLP coloring book. if I were vain, I'd consider myself an international celebrity >_<
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You included my OC's Cutie Mark?
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....... who are you?
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I made this cutie mark:…

The lowest and left most one.
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alright, good for you. i searched "cutie mark" on bing image search, and i placed them on the dress. I'm not trying to say pinkie killed your OC. i could've sworn I've seen this same cutie mark in the show. so what do you want from me?
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Nothing. I'm actually quite happy that you liked the cutie mark and that its not any sort of animosity toward me or my OC. Sorry if I came off as accusatory or anything. I think that the artwork is pretty good, even with the dark undertones of what it means. I have to admit its the first time I've really seen quality in show style interpretation of the fanfiction.

Again, sorry if I came off as hostile sounding at all. I still haven't figured out how to approach someone who liked my art enough to use it. 

I do need to praise your work. It was able to elicit emotion from me with some of the other pieces you've done, even if it's feelings of sorrow toward the characters portrayed.

TL;DR: I like your artwork and don't really want anything from you.
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okay, that's exactly what I was afraid of. XD I think of it like this: in the real world, people can share the same name, so in the MLP universe, there might be ponies with the same cutie mark. after all, we see it all the time in the show anyway. sorry if you thought I had some beef with you, I seriously didn't know who you were XD
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Yeah. I'm just the one who originally designed the "Quaver Cherries" CM. (The cherries and leaf are arranged in the shape of a pair of beamed eighth notes), though the coat color used is similar its not the same as my OCs.

So yeah, your art is quite good. It's moving and well drawn.
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thanks :) wait, what color is your OC's hide? may I see a picture of her?
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This has ended up on fake MLP merchandise!
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Lyra and Bon Bon's  cutie marks are next to each other :3 EqG Lyra Plz EqG Bon Bon Plz 
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I literally JUST noticed Rain Cloud's cutie mark near the sleeve; I love that the mark of her first kill gets such a prominent spot on the dress! :D
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Do you mind if I use your versions od the cutiemarks dresses? like pinkie's, applebloom's, derpy's, inkie's, and the other's versions of cutiemarks dresses???
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