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Critique Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin Critique Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin
people often do not understand that some people literally cannot handle criticism. want to know why? because we already criticize ourselves SO HEAVILY, people often tell us, "don't be so hard on yourself." for us, there is not "constructive criticism," because we've already brought ourselves down so much, anything from someone else just makes us go, "well great, it's even worse than i thought. seems i can't do anything fuckin right." this occurs mostly in people like me who have a mental illness that causes depression. this is not something we can control. our minds take it the hardest way, and instead of helping us, it hinders us even more, as if we were being insulted. and you know what? sometimes people DO insult us when we kindly tell them that we don't want criticism. they say, "if you don't want to be criticized, then don't come on to the internet." but that's the thing, there's a common respect that human beings much have toward each other. did you ask the person if you could offer criticism? did they ask you for it? if they didn't, it should be automatically assumed that they don't want any. you never know what kind of mind you might be damaging if you don't respect another person's boundaries.

DA, thankfully, has a feature where you can request critique (for core users.) if it's NOT there, and the uploader is a core user, you are not invited to give critique. for non core users, read the description. do they say, "please give me critique?" if not, you have the right to ask if they want it, but one should never assume that EVERYONE wants it. for those of us that are our own worst critic, we KNOW what we need to work on, and we don't need anyone else telling us how bad it is. we work on our problems ourselves, and that's how we grow. seriously, there's no way you CAN'T see improvement in our work.

another problem is, sometimes people offer "criticism" on something they don't understand. when the artist purposefully does something, and ONE person doesn't get it, does that mean it should be fixed? no, because that's how the artist chose to do it. THERE ARE NO RULES IN CREATIVITY. if YOU want criticism, good for you, but don't assume everyone thinks the same way you do. again, this is common respect for our fellow man that we all should practice. if we don't ask for it, don't give it. if you give it, and we say we don't want it, don't insult us for it. when you do, it causes problems to both parties, but can be detrimental if one of them already has an unstable psyche. we must respect our differences, even if they seem weird to us. we must be fair, because when you are fair and respectful, YOU will receive the same fairness and respect because you earned it.

generosity is the best form of greed.


I'm disabling comments even though I only got like... one or two hate comments. a very insecure person decided it would be fun to attack me for trying to protect my health instead of offering a civil opinion like the ones in the comments, because there ARE civil comments that disagree with me. I know this is shocking, but you CAN disagree without hurting someone. I did not want to let this fool win, but unfortunately, since the incident from a few months ago, I have been unable to rebuild my walls to protect myself from everyone else. when you contemplate suicide for the first time in over a year even though you're on good meds, at the same time as having just lost someone you loved, it ends up doing so much damage that everything you worked for, years of building walls, years of toughening up, years of exercises to strengthen myself is undone. I have been unable to get over the horrendous turmoil that that person put me through, so THIS person, though a preschool child compared to the other, made me decide that it's just better to give up. I mean, that's all I'm good for, right? it's a shame that people genuinely like to harm others, but like I've said multiple times, humans are inherently evil. as happy as I am about moving, I will say that this has sent me under a bit, but I'm just glad I'm not like these types. it doesn't help that the person used two separate accounts to harass me, turned my words around, used a single mistake of mine to belittle my intelligence, has no grasp on other people's feelings, and has no idea what "immaturity" even is. I've never claimed to be the most mature person, because I'm not, and you all know why. I'm sorry I cannot change the circumstances of my birth and childhood. I hate myself enough as it is, there's no point in exacerbating it. I wish I were healthy, normal, and perfect. I wish I were a genius. I wish I could take my flaws and get rid of them. but I'm human too. there is nothing childish about what I said in the description above. I even read it over to make sure. but this is EXACTLY what I was talking about when I said critique is not the same as insulting.

but to the person, if you are reading this, who decided it'd be fun to fuck with me, if I were off my meds, things would be different. you don't know about my life, my upbringing, the struggles I've had to go through, the things I've experienced that no child should, things that have left me with PTSD. you don't know anything about me. you don't know anything about any stranger. you need to tread lightly, son. one day, you'll mess with someone with worse problems than me. one day, you'll mess with someone even more sensitive, and they will kill themselves, making you a murderer. one day, you'll mess with someone who is mentally insane instead of just unhealthy, and they will find you, and they will kill you. it's so easy to find people, I myself could track you down easily if I were the type. you are selfish. you need to think about what you might be doing to someone, who you might be hurting, to whom you might be that ONE thing that finally pushes them over the edge and makes them snap. not everyone is you, and not everyone is me. come on, doesn't it just make you feel better if you're nice? don't you feel good when you make other people laugh or smile? or are you so insecure, you hate when people are happier than you? this passed month has been the happiest I've been in three years. my life has been miserable, you don't need to be jealous of me. in thirteen days, my life may finally turn around after the last twenty-seven years of things I never deserved. you need to make yourself happy instead of making others miserable, because I NEED this.

still, you win. comments are disabled, you got my attention, and you upset me. that's something I've never willingly accomplished, so congrats. you're so much better than me. me, who does her best to be kind to people who haven't done anything wrong. me, who has worked every day of her life dealing with three mental disorders that prevent me from living a normal life, just to learn that karma doesn't exist. me, who has succeeded in more than both her parents combined, and then some. whatever life you have, sir, you don't have to take it out on others. if a worthless piece of shit like me can keep from hurting people who don't deserve it just so I push my misery onto them, anyone can. I've spoken to rape victims who are better people than you. I've saved people from suicide, including my own brother. but you win. you're better. you're the big boy. you're so mature. I wish I could say i'll try harder to be as perfect as you, but somehow, I find I don't want to be anything like you. in fact, I'd say I hope you end up meeting that one person who will track you down after you mess with them. the less people like you in the gene pool, the better.

I'm sorry to those of you who wanted to comment on this stamp. unfortunately, some people like to ruin it for others, and I am weak and worthless.
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March 27, 2016
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