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Hey hey hey hey hey hey LOOKIT WHAT I DID RECENTLY!!

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bleach fans! hello! I'm sure many of you have made soul reaper OCs or given yourselves a zanpakuto. I'm guessing it may've been difficult to come up with a sentient sword for you to connect with since, you know, it's not real. or is it? well, no, it's not, but it can be in essence.

it's no secret that my dreams have continuing storylines, reoccurring "characters," and multiple places that repeatedly show up. well, for about a year, maybe two, I've had some dreams that have basically given me my zanpakuto.

at first, the characters from bleach would just show up like I couldn't see them, but I could. it was always ichigo and the captains, and along with them usually appeared goku and vegeta, dante and vergil, and some random characters capable of fighting because they always showed up when I'm being attacked or something. the captains would never help me when I begged them to help, saying that I shouldn't even be able to see them.

eventually, I said, "well, if you won't help me, give me soul reaper powers! train me!" they refused for quite some time. dream after dream, each time they showed up, I demanded that they train me, and I even stole zangetsu from ichigo and kept him as a hostage. that didn't last long.

finally, a zanpakuto simply appeared in my hands without anyone giving me powers, and I said, "HA! now you HAVE to train me!!!" they were reluctant, especially sui feng, but byakuya leaned more toward the, "let's see what happens" approach, as in, don't train me unless I can figure out my zanpakuto's name.

time went on, and I still begged them to train me. ichigo was ordered not to help me. I was mad because I had my goddamn sword. how was I supposed to learn its name without even knowing how?

then, about a month or two ago, my zanpakuto told me his name; it was graver. it only made sense for it not to be a Japanese name since, you know, I'm American. he told me his name and I was able to summon his shikai form, though I don't remember his command. his shikai looks like a long pole with a small ax head at the end and a ribbon-like piece of cloth tied on the pole (I can't remember the color, but I think it was red). I wasn't sure what graver could do, but playing around with him showed me that he was best for long range attacks, which makes sense since I hate getting too close to people I don't know. still, this wasn't something very special, was it?

then, just a few nights ago, me and an enormous group of people were going through this trial of survival. you could actually die, but like a video game, we respawned. I can feel pain in my dreams, so this was not fun. I was using my zanpakuto (not in shikai) and the xtra gun, but I kept fumbling with them because I've been crippled in my dreams ever since the incident with randy. I have been notorious for getting cut by my own sword because of this, and it fucking hurts.

something appeared that was not part of the trial, and it was only attacking me. he was a humanoid male with long white hair, but he had black bandages over his eyes. he wore a black hooded cloak, countless black belts over his pale chest, black skin tight pants that I assume were leather, and black boots. normally, I'd find that pretty hot, but instead, I was terrified. why was he just attacking me? he was carrying a scythe, but he never got too close to me. instead, he was able to swing the scythe, throwing the blade at me, which would then turn like a boomerang back to it's place on the pole. he killed me many times.

there was a guy at the respawn point that could give people tips before they tried the course again. by the way, getting through the course was a way to prove that you've become a skilled fighter. I DESPERATELY need to get better. many people had told this guy about the cloaked figure attacking me, even the captains, but every time they tried to find him, he wouldn't show up. after dying many times, the guy told me to close my eyes and just scream about things that made me angry. he said I needed to have a revelation on my own, to realize something about myself that would finally help me.

I screamed about everything that made me angry, he screamed stuff back at me, and finally I shouted, "I'M NOT A HERO!!" he shouted back, "THEN YOU'RE A VILLAIN?" I said, "NO! I'M NOT A VILLAIN! I'M NOT A HERO AND I'M NOT A VILLAIN! I'M JUST ME!!" and that was that. I had to realize that, even though I tried to fight evil, it didn't change the fact that, sometimes, I was the evil. I wasn't the good guy or the bad guy; I was just an average person that had both good and evil inside, and I needed to accept that I was incapable of being one or the other.

I went back through the course, looking over my shoulder for the cloaked man with the scythe. when he showed up and threw his blade at me, my zanpakuto was able to block it and send it back to him, but it was still a very strong blow, and I wasn't sure if graver could take it. I'm not sure why I wasn't using shikai. I still died a couple of times, but finally, graver transformed, but this time, it became a scythe identical to my enemy's. I now was able to throw the blade as well. I actually managed to get through the course with only a little health left, but before I had finished, I saw the man spin his scythe clockwise, and it took on the form of graver's regular shikai. that's when I realized that the man WAS graver. he showed me what his power was in shikai form.

I hadn't known was triggered my sword to turn into the scythe, but I figured I must've spun it clockwise without realizing it. experimenting with it showed that, by spinning it like that, graver could change from an ax to a scythe. as an ax, it was just a long range weapon, but as a scythe, it wasn't just long range, it was also a projectile weapon, so it's range was even LONGER. plus, the blade was a lot stronger and could hit harder when thrown at an opponent.

so lo and behold, in a matter of months or so, I obtained a zanpakuto, learned his name, discovered his true shikai form, and fought/trained with his spirit form. this is WAY better than trying to come up with my own while awake because my mind literally chose this for me subconsciously without my say.

I wonder if i'll ever reach bankai.
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Sup Reitannites, Reitanna Seishin here!

Note: I do not take requests or commissions OF ANY KIND. I used to every now and then, but I don't anymore. Please don't ask.


So, my name is Reitanna Seishin. I'm Pansexual, Manic Depressive, Insomnic, a recovering agoraphobe, a Scorpio, straight edge, and I always own at least two adorable rats. (Long after I wrote this, I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and PTSD.) I like to draw, write, paint, sculpt, sing, play video games, enjoy photography, and god knows what else. I am a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I am not a brony/pegasister (I call it "non-bronified"). I got into the series through the Creepypasta "Cupcakes," and it took me awhile to like the show itself because I expected it to be like the older generations, which I hated. I also love Pokémon. I used to be a Gen Wunner only until I played Pokémon X and got passed the stubbornness of my childhood.

There's a LOT more to me, but as everyone knows, it is hard to describe yourself, so it's just better to know someone instead of read about them.

Note that "Playing with Fire" is not a top priority, but it also has NOT been cancelled. There will be long periods of time between the posting of pages, usually about a year. Nothing will change this, please respect that.

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