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someone brought something up to me when we were discussing Minkie Pie's design.

First and foremost, all Muffins fans know why I designed Minkie the way I did; she's Pinkie's sister, so obviously she looks like her, they all do. Her mane is the way it is because she's never had it cut, so it's long and plain. When I designed her, I NEVER expected people to think she was a recolor of Pinkamena... I mean, the differences are so obvious. Pinkamena's swoops over, is shorter, doesn't fully cover one eye, hangs over her back so that all of the hair's ends are on the same side of the body. Not to mention the number of lines in her fringe, which is two.

Minkie's mane doesn't swoop, it lies flat on her head, it's MUCH longer, covers one eye unless her head is angled certain ways, it doesn't hang over her back, so the ends of the hairs fall to both sides of her body, and she has three lines in her fringe. To see ALL differences in full, go here:…

Most of the confusion comes with her first vector, as, even though it's different, Minkie's design wasn't as... precise... as it is now, same with Inkie and Blinkie. All new characters have their "beginning" appearance, where you suddenly notice how drastically the solid design differs from the original. Honestly, to me, modern Minkie doesn't look like Pinkamena, and many of you would agree. The people who insist that they're identical are obviously very unobservant and wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a king snake and a coral snake (red on black, you're fine, Jack. Red on yellow, you're a dead fellow.).

Still, that hasn't stopped people from harassing me about it. Many people love her design because it's simple. Unfortunately, many pieces of fanart show Minkie's mane much shorter than it is (it's better to be too long than to be too short). I like Minkie's design because it makes sense and tells her story, but at the same time, I wish people would shut the fuck up and open their eyes to the differences right in front of them... actually, I should swap Minkie's and Pinkamena's colors to show the difference with the same palette... ANYWAY...

I don't WANT to do this, so I probably won't, but I still want to hear what you guys think. *inhales... exhales...* Should Minkie Pie cut her mane before the series ends? OR should she start wearing it differently? Please refrain from being rude in the comments to me or others.


so, I've made some decisions. you guys really helped me, you all made excellent points, and you made me realize that I shouldn't change things just because some idiots like to be idiots. so here's my decision... it's been some time since Minkie was freed, right? think about children who have never cut their hair. many are scared, thinking it will hurt. what if Minkie is the same way? then her mane would've grown even LONGER. so I've decided that her mane is indeed longer than what I've previously drawn her with. I will make a vector showing it.

some also mentioned that, at the end of "the final crusade STING," Minkie had a sort of revelation that she truly is alive. and remember when twilight mentioned how pretty her eyes were when both were visible? I'm thinking a simple clip to move her bangs from her face a little, but that's it. SUBTLE changes that makes sense and have reason. she's cheered up a considerable amount since her escape due to being with ponies who love her, and she loves them. what do you guys think of this decision? and maybe she'll put her hair up every so often depending on the story and situation, like tying her hair in a knot like she did in "free like a pegasus."
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Sup Reitannites, Reitanna Seishin here!

Note: I do not take requests or commissions OF ANY KIND. I used to every now and then, but I don't anymore. Please don't ask.


So, my name is Reitanna Seishin. I'm Pansexual, Manic Depressive, Insomnic, a recovering agoraphobe, a Scorpio, straight edge, and I always own at least two adorable rats. (Long after I wrote this, I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder and PTSD.) I like to draw, write, paint, sculpt, sing, play video games, enjoy photography, and god knows what else. I am a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I am not a brony/pegasister (I call it "non-bronified"). I got into the series through the Creepypasta "Cupcakes," and it took me awhile to like the show itself because I expected it to be like the older generations, which I hated. I also love Pokémon. I used to be a Gen Wunner only until I played Pokémon X and got passed the stubbornness of my childhood.

There's a LOT more to me, but as everyone knows, it is hard to describe yourself, so it's just better to know someone instead of read about them.

Note that "Playing with Fire" is not a top priority, but it also has NOT been cancelled. There will be long periods of time between the posting of pages, usually about a year. Nothing will change this, please respect that.

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How many of you 16 people knew you were lying when you said you've played Petscop? 

36 deviants said No, what? How is it a lie? (because the game doesn't exist!)
16 deviants said Yes... sorry
15 deviants said someone made a fan game (really? prove it, gimme the link)


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