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Crimson oven by Reiska Crimson oven :iconreiska:Reiska 3 0 Tired hunter by Reiska Tired hunter :iconreiska:Reiska 2 6 Sweet shades of dusk by Reiska Sweet shades of dusk :iconreiska:Reiska 2 6 Episode III - Exodus by Reiska
Mature content
Episode III - Exodus :iconreiska:Reiska 1 0
Divine wind
Walking on this dusty ball
Among the dunes of dirt and pearls
Seeing and hearing many things
Travelling, beholding... learning
This is not a life for the dying
Nor a thing to waste away
Despite countless insincere hymns
Even among the din of war
Earthly sand gathers around
Calling... enticing
Circling sweet whirlwind
Closes on me
It looks for something
Numbing my senses
Laying me down gently
Upon the scorching sand
Ah the soothing melodies
And the warmth of Earth
I am lulled away
Towards the sweet dreams
But then comes the wind
Suddenly like a lightning
Passionately it rushes on
Salvation in it's fresh gusts
With rage it comes
Lifting me skyward
Up over the sandy soil
Carrying me away
Caressing with it's coolness
Showing the right way
The path of righteous
Far away from the petty deceit
So healing... uplifting
I can see clearly again
What really matters
And what is truly essential
Where to head
And what to heed
I have become more
Written another chapter to my neverending story
A bit wi
:iconreiska:Reiska 3 4
Wall of orange
Blood of early dawn
Flows in the sky
Over a rigid scenery
Of frail morning blue
Lifeless figures
Sway calmly in gentle wind
In dewy hibernation
They solemnly slumber
These eternal dreamers
Are not bothered by time
Their parallel companion
In eternal existence
Orange star rises
Kissing away the cold dew
And caressing those who sleep
In their clueless existence
Gradual triumph of warmth
Makes some of them move
Awaking them into another reality
While stealing their dreams
First yearning yawns
Greet the sight in drowsy delight
Already in their initial chores
While some remain quiet still
Again the creatures see
That night took something from them
Enticed few wanderers
To move on
Motionless are lifted up
And buried into the skies
Slowly they dissolve into azure canvas
With tunes of thankful melancholy
While revering this ascension
Beings silently mourn
As reality chafes their eagerness
With loving, lenient lashes
Bright, blessed day
Another step on the way
And a time for the red letter cour
:iconreiska:Reiska 1 3
Animale corporeal
Cutting shards of poetry abloom
Before torn from their flimsy berth
In the eve of battle
Steel vices prepare to crush and grind
Captivating carrion of Earth
Guile and theft at large
Survival of the cruelest and most vile
Krakens keep stirring the eternal sea
Armies gather on all shores
Choirs of destruction draw their breath
The rot of ages drips on
As the levers of commitment twist and turn
Parallel realities caress each other
While devouring themselves
Bemoaning in tormenting delight
As they sink into drowning passion
Countless scream in their castigation
Until the spikes come down
Jaws of reality close on them
When teeth of tomorrow pierce their flesh
Faint hymns of loss
Drift over the battlefield
Clinging on life can kill
As blood returns into the ground
Their happy, vain dreams are gone
Crammed together and driven into death
Lamenting wail of the remaining ones
Fills the putrid air
Tricks of thievery, the sleight of old hand
Suits, wide smiles... perhaps a twirl of wand
Betrayed b
:iconreiska:Reiska 2 2
Star orchards
From these planetary plains
Among the blessed earthly scenes
I shall rise through the blue sky
Past the aurorae bright
Into the realm of stars
May my path lead
Among the gardens of cosmos
Let me wander
Past our sun dearest
Giver of all life and warmth
Forward beyond the familiar neighbours
Cold gas balls and rocky little outpost
Into the outer space
Among the galaxies
Ah what beautiful vistas open before me
Immeasurable richness of environments and life
There i wish to soar
Travel and behold
Through the aeons
Resting within stellar nurseries
Beckon between the nebulae
Watch the countless continuums create new life
See the hyper giant stars explode so new warmth and life can be
Feel my energetic entity shiver with happiness and joy
I have no body
I have no age
Only existence of pure energy remains
That we call love
No linear time
No accidents
No coincedences
Only grateful existence
I shall bathe in gravity wells
Sooth my being on solar winds
Preoccupy keenly upon unusual anomalies and v
:iconreiska:Reiska 1 2
Mature content
Fall from grace :iconreiska:Reiska 8 19
Episode II - The Pandora directive by Reiska
Mature content
Episode II - The Pandora directive :iconreiska:Reiska 9 11
Episode I - Creeping twilight by Reiska
Mature content
Episode I - Creeping twilight :iconreiska:Reiska 8 43
Mature content
Curtains for two :iconreiska:Reiska 12 53
Suddenly i am in that same tunnel again
Made of branches of trees
It is so green
Birdsong fills the fragrant summer air
I love this place
That once existed
Now only a memory
But still so very real
Life flourishes and migrates
I followed something that came here
Chasing the present in my memories
A paragraph from the past
Something hides in the grass
Is it a message ?
That wanted to meet me here
To tell that inevitabilities are due
Wheel must turn and things come to pass
Again i wouldn't want to let go
But one always has to
To receive once again
Less you have
The more you will get
Oh spare me from your dusty clichés
I'm not in the mood
Birds flew away yesterday
Scent of flowers is gone
In this autumn rain
Creeping over me
Rotting petals look at me
With envy and disgust
At the same time
All sane life has withdrawn
We can't escape
Winters over us
Their piercing icicles
And burning frost
It makes my skin so frail
Soon it bleeds again
Familiar piles of snow
What would i do without you
:iconreiska:Reiska 2 0
Perpetuality by Reiska Perpetuality :iconreiska:Reiska 4 0 Inevitability by Reiska Inevitability :iconreiska:Reiska 6 0 Now by Reiska Now :iconreiska:Reiska 1 0


Animal Love by thrumyeye Animal Love :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 1,506 89 Zoot - Couch Doodle by Dante-mL Zoot - Couch Doodle :icondante-ml:Dante-mL 248 16 Gonna Walk and don't Look Back by thrumyeye Gonna Walk and don't Look Back :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 901 40 I want to be in cadre too by ZoranPhoto I want to be in cadre too :iconzoranphoto:ZoranPhoto 3,004 171 Be who you are by Paddy-fan Be who you are :iconpaddy-fan:Paddy-fan 80 17 The Way to Heaven by mebilia The Way to Heaven :iconmebilia:mebilia 1,457 430 Mr. Garrison's Fourth Grade by demonoflight Mr. Garrison's Fourth Grade :icondemonoflight:demonoflight 504 83 Paradise Lost  revised edition by AdamBurn Paradise Lost revised edition :iconadamburn:AdamBurn 2,156 241 Second day of Life by berenika Second day of Life :iconberenika:berenika 2,626 626 Glamzone by Snapshooter Glamzone :iconsnapshooter:Snapshooter 3 18 Collision of worlds by alexiuss Collision of worlds :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 1,405 154 Phew that's better by Taseevo Phew that's better :icontaseevo:Taseevo 6 7 Daaaw... by Taseevo Daaaw... :icontaseevo:Taseevo 59 36 dA ID - Born to run by Taseevo dA ID - Born to run :icontaseevo:Taseevo 4 25
her remedy
the paralyzing sustenance of a lacerated sigh
derives pleasure from mortification
I stand apart
from the bleeding hour
a temporary distance
her eye moves over shadows
breathes a reply
the faint laughter of sublimity
to move like this
to crawl like this
I open wide
the entrance of a dream survived
and I've arrived.
:iconchornyi:Chornyi 2 13
Never Let Go by alexiuss Never Let Go :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 4,378 433


Episode III - Exodus
19.7.2018 Plenty of writing errors fixed.

27.4.2018 : Episode III - Exodus is complete and uploaded.

A well brewed and evolving detective story with delicious scifi - seasoning, spiced with more or less everpresent element of psychological horror. Nyances and tones under this main course will evolve and are left for the reader to discover and enjoy as the ending and the epilogue are guaranteed to serve their most delicious dessert with coffee and cognac. Quadruply parallel and intertwining plot bundle should keep the fans of previous episodes and friends of metaphorical narrative happy. References, hat tippings and other quirks of notion will appear as usual, starting from the title.

This long tale is continuation of my Episode II, focusing on events happening over hundred years after the great war.

This episode is not fan fiction anymore but instead it is my first book with nothing but my own narrative realm and tens of new, lovely characters.

If you choose to venture into this realm, i wish you plenty of exciting and emotional reading moments. This third episode is the conclusion of the trilogy. Do consider that it may move you and it may disgust you more than you would like to but you may also end up liking it much more than you would like to. If it makes you think, ponder, question things and feel, it has been successful in what it was created for.

Expect an immersion into adventure, mysteries, suspence, violence on multiple levels, comedy, tragedy, joy, sorrow, love, hate and deeply imbuing concepts of inevitability and morality.

* * *

Warning : This book is strictly for mature audience only and definitely not suitable for children or any sensitive readers. If you can't handle very detailed and realistic depictions of the best and worst things in life, don't read this one. Just don't.

* * *

Those who are not scared and driven away by real life as well as its endearing and wretched manifestations, click download and enjoy.


Wonderful little song and most apt vehicle into the mind of one certain goat that those familiar with this work are sure to recognize. If someone wants to get additional insight into the mind of the 'Father demise', this is one great way to do just that.


Attention : As there have been problems with mobile app and downloading the previous episodes in the past with a phone, same thing might apply here too. If you want to read the tale, open or download it with a solid computer or a laptop. Both cable - and wireless connections work.

All feedback and comments are appreciated and most welcome as always. Kindly mark all spoilers clearly if you include them.

Paging and lining done in Wordpad, rich text format. Hopefully it displays on your screen as intended.

All or some locations, characters and events in this story may or may not be fictional, no matter how much they might or might not resemble something or someone that was, is or will be.

All rights reserved in my right reserve pocket.


Some know but they ain't tellin'
Current Residence: 3rd dimension, Virgo supercluster - Milky way - Sol - sheeple zoo called Earth or Terra
Favourite genre of music: metal, classical
Favourite style of art: Abstract, nature, surreal, scifi, political and good fan art as as well as other fics about the things i love
Operating System: Brain controlled spinal central nervous systemized bipedal apparatus, version : homo sapiens sapiens
MP3 player of choice: Ipod nano
Shell of choice: Perhaps seashell, sometimes turtle shell, definitely not a Royal Dutch Shell
Wallpaper of choice: Light & erratic
Skin of choice: Smooth & warm human skin
Favourite cartoon character: Too many funny beings to raise one above others
Personal Quote: Life is a laugh and death is a joke. & " There is no higher god than truth. "
" Roses are red. Violets are blue. Everything is possible. Nothing is true. I love the rain, I love the moon, I love the wind and stars. I'd love to visit you quite soon and kiss you through the bars. I love you but why must you love the law ? 'Tis plain to see for all that she's a whore that virtuous persons have no need to woo;that villains screw, then studiously ignore. "

It is staggering that through millenia countless humans, today millions if not billions love their slavery so much that they are willing to wage war and die to defend it... and who they fight against ? Other slaves of another slave master... their own mirror images just with different imaginary names and labels. Utter madness.

Wake up prisoners. " To see the cage is to leave it. " Wake up.

Or if you so choose don't but why be a tyrant's slave when you could be free ? Surely you want to see all the options and truth before you make your mind... since how can one make rational and wise decisions if one can't see all the options... or does not want to see.

Maybe it is not their time and life to see yet. Haste is not needed, they have eternity to see so let children sleep and dream.

Too bad that they slumber in a very real nightmare that will swallow their lives and energies. Maybe even their souls. Oh well, thats the life in a big existence but running forward with closed eyes hardly benefits the blind runner nor is it of any use to cry when eventually such runner falls down or hits a wall.

You have been warned, once again. "Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups." Your own negligence seals your fate.

Your life, your choice, your responsibility, your fate.


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Koraru-san Featured By Owner May 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the watch!
Happy Eliot 
OptimusPower92 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Awww, thank you so much for the watch :hug:
Reiska Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018
You are welcome. There seems to be tales in your gallery too that i have to check out, maybe even unfinished ones ? Can you tell a bit about them ?
OptimusPower92 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, sure! ^^

Vicious Schemes is my main story that I'm writing, and servant1999 is my co-writer :) (she's also my girlfriend, in case ya wanted to know :D) In it, Nick goes missing, and during the time he's gone, Judy just falls apart. And when she finds him in Chapter 6.... oh boy, you're in for a surprise XD (it's the only one that I'm still working on)

Snuggles is the enigma of my uploads XD It literally took me a day and a half to write and edit before I posted it, and it has the most positive reception. It bewilders me that it's so well received and I made it within hours, but who am I to complain? :D It's just your average fluff fic, so knock yourself out. (it also has a comic made by Koraru-san, sooooooo :D)

Falling Together is one of my fav pieces I have ever written, even to this day :) It's based off one of Neytirix 's Zootopia drawings (Her story with these is now called "Rearranged") and I highly recommend you look at it

The Cabin isn't a Zootopia one, unlike the others I've listed, but it means a lot to me simply because I wrote it for Servant as a birthday gift :) It's romance galore, so if ya like romance stories.... well.... XD
Reiska Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2018
Thank you kindly for the detailed info, i have to save this for further use. Seems very interesting so there will be some reading being done here.

A writing couple huh ? That's cute. :aww: Nice to see if it shows in the narrative.

So Neyt has inspiried you too... that figures. She has the most potent tendency to do just that. My short reading/musical experience called Curtains for two is also totally inspired by her art. That work is probably the one that set me off into this hellish but so very delightful writing spree. It is brief but still pretty wonderful little thing so if and when you find the time and the motivation, you might want to start with that one and then move to the episode I of the grand tale.

There is also the short Fall from grace, which is not quite as good but partly very inspired one Zootopian piece.
(1 Reply)
ReaderNo31142 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for the watch, sir :dummy:

How is the progress of Episode 3?
Reiska Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018
No probs. No sirs here, just Reiska. :)

Currently pretty slow, start was very fast. Little over four chapters are done, somewhat over 20000 words so plenty more to go still. Parallel and intertwining three lined plot - continuum is pretty much visioned and imagined, i think it will make a great story and conclusion for the trilogy with few nice surprises that reader can hardly expect. Many wonderful characters that are all new and my own creations.

Might even be the best book yet but i really like the previous two as well. Writing is really tough work but it sure is fun to create entirelly own tales, characters and worlds.
ReaderNo31142 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
that's amazing, Reiska :dummy:

Can't wait to read it :la:

my actual chapter is at 4k words... but I got stuck a bit again...
Reiska Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018
Did i write three lined ? Sorry I meant four lined. Perhaps i should learn how to count. :drool:

Good inspirations and keyboard speed with the Savage ways.
(1 Reply)
Reiska Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018
Thanks. Have to check out your three chapters someday.

Give it time and the story wiill come. Most important is that you know what you want to write about, then you just have to do it as well as you can. :)
Amand4 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for you and your family! <3
Reiska Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017
Thank you sweets. Most wonderful winter solstice time to you and your close ones too. :aww:
Amand4 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much! <3
Reiska Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017
anonymousperfection Featured By Owner Edited Nov 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
So... Bullterrierka...

I was really happy to think that she was just hating what the main characters represented, but... I guess we were wrong.

And she likes Bellwether, why? She says Judy can't take on larger animals but so can't the lamb. Judy took down a rhino with her kicks, but Dawn just cheaply snipes larger animals from afar and makes them go savage. Heck, in the climax of the movie, she is easily apprehended by animals bigger than her and instead of fighting, she just tries to run away. And she continues to like her...

It doesn't even make sense for Dawn to be working with her terrorist OC since she deeply hates predators no matter what. You're probably still aware about what I said earlier, too.
tailsmo4ever Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Yo!! Thx for the watch!! What made you want to watch me?
anonymousperfection Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Reiska, did my previous comment bother you or anything? I deeply apologize.
Reiska Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017
Oh no but expected a talk and not a textwall. :)
anonymousperfection Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oh, lol. Sorry. Hey, do you know how to draw, btw?
Reiska Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017
Nope. It seems that i'm much better in writing than drawing.
(1 Reply)
anonymousperfection Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hiya, Reiska! It's been a long while since we last talked, and no one has been commenting on your place, so I thought I could talk with you a bit.
Reiska Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2017
Hi there. Sure, read the Episode II yet ?
anonymousperfection Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oh, I'm sorry but I haven't read it yet.

I'm making a Zootopia fanfic myself right now. It's about Nick becoming a villain, but not through brainwashing, manipulating, forcing, or anything, but through having one very bad day like the Joker.

I'll try to make the long story as short as possible while making sure it's still comprehensible (Albeit probably with some plot holes since this is just a mere summary and not the whole story with details and whatnot). Though it may still turn out to be very long anyway because I'm quite terrible at shortening information.

The fic starts with Nick waking up, getting off his bed and then taking a shower, putting his uniform on, exiting his apartment and taking a bus ride to Judy's place to pick her up, and both of them finally get to the ZPD.

They enter the break room with all the other officers as Bogo enters the room and they all do their usual "OUP! OUP! OUP! OUP!" chant with their fists pounding on the tables like in the movie. Judy joins in but Nick is hesitant until finally encouraged by her. The chant ends as Chief Bogo orders his fellow officers to stop, and Nick, however, continues to chant and pound in his fists on the table in a playful manner.

An unamused Bogo then tilts his glasses and says, "Wilde..." in a rather irritated manner. Nick finally complies and gives one heck of a smug look almost immediately afterwards, with Judy giggling at the sight.

I have Judy, Nick, and all of the other characters in character and believable. Ain't that decent?

After they're finally given their assignment, they go to Tundratown to investigate a small robbery and eventually apprehend the thief. As they return to the ZPD to tell Chief Bogo, Judy tells Nick that his mother is massively proud of what's he has accomplished and is about to visit his someday. This leaves Nick overjoyed and excited because now, not only is his mother finally visiting him after so long, he is also going to propose to Judy soon.

Judy drops Nick off his apartment and leaves his to think about the great future he is soon to have, and happily thinking of himself to be as optimistic as his beloved bunny. He then sleeps on his bed.

The next day, Judy and Nick are sent on another case to apprehend a murderer. Judy is hampered and with an injured leg in the ensuing chase and Nick presses on all on his own (But not before tending to his bunny lover for a few moments first).

Now cornered in an alley, the wolf, whom is the murderer, tries to stab Nick with a knife. Then all of a sudden, a green portal appears and sucks them both in and transporting them to the human world, inhabited by many normal humans and superhumans alike (Like Marvel and DC).

The portal reappears in a massive, dome-like structure filled with many anthropomorphic animals living in a utopic society, and drops Nick and the wolf to the ground 7 feet away before closing.

Nick and the wolf continue their fight until a samaritan raccoon helps Nick deal with the wolf as two human guards in SWAT-like uniforms electrocute the wolf with a taser thanks to the raccoon yelling for assistance.

The wolf is taken into custody, Nick is in shock from seeing the dome, the humans and the animals, etc., and faints.

He awakens in the raccoon's house and tries to get out, thinking he might be trying to kill him or worse, but the raccoon clarifies and tell Nick that he's just trying to help him out and asks him about what just happened. Nick tells the story of how it all happened. The raccoon then tells his story, saying that he and all of the other animals in the dome are really aliens that only look like animals (Just like Rocket Raccoon, but this isn't to say that the raccoon who helped Nick is the said Marvel character) who crash landed on Earth and were assisted by the planet's heroes to live on their planet until they're finally ready to go back home. The SWAT police are the ones who guard the dome.

Let's just say after a while, Nick and the raccoon become the best of friends (Plot hole with no explanation, I know, but like I said, this is just a summary and not the real fic itself) until it's found out that the humans eat animals by chopping them up, cooking them and then turning them into hamburgers, hotdogs, etc..

The animals all try to leave the dome and escape, but the humans try to assure them that they only do it to the non-alien, feral ones. The animals don't listen and continue to run and try to escape the dome. Nick trips and, with dread, yells and asks for help from his raccoon friend, but because he was too filled with fear, he just ditches Nick and leaves him for dead.

Hurt by this betrayal, he is heart is darkened, but not completely.

Nick manages to escape the dome with his life and now lives in the streets of the human city, attempting to avoid any contact with them. He stockpiles lots of supplies inside a big room located in an abandoned warehouse.

While scavenging for more supplies, he finds a crying, juvenile rabbit who goes by the name of Sophie. Nick feels pity for her and naively thinks that, unlike the raccoon, she won't betray him. Another reason why he cared about her is because she easily reminded him of Judy.

And, like the raccoon, they spend some quality time and become close. Nick reveals the stockpile of supplies and food in the warehouse and the rabbit discards her form, revealing herself to be a human shapeshifter. Nick is shocked by this and before he could react any further, he is knocked out by her.

He wakes up the next morning to see his entire stockpile completely ransacked and stolen by the shapeshifter. He punches the ground and yells very loudly in frustration, anger, and hate. His heart is further blackened.

It is soon revealed that the portal was created by a scientist accidentally making it go haywire and appear in various dimensions and planets. The scientist was just making an invention for a science exhibit as it was his dream. Though he wasn't sent to jail and was given a crude second chance, the little fiasco and mishap caused him to be looked down upon, mocked, and hated for nearly getting everyone in the exhibit killed. The scientist snaps because his dream was crushed and tries to make a very powerful superhuman serum. Filled with anger, he no longer had any rationality to care about the side-effects, and only focused on making it more and more powerful with every and any mixture and component so that not even the mightiest of heroes will be able to stop him.

Nick finds a 2 day old newspaper talking about the said exhibit incident and is overwhelmed with hope as he now knows where to go and what to do to go back home, reunite with Judy, and finally end the nightmare. The newspaper also said, "A horrific incident at the New Genisys Exhibit nearly kills approximately 100 people. The man responsible for the close massacre was Jensen Born, and his project has just been turned over to Alexis Flint who will fix the machine and make sure it will successfully work next time for military use.", so he knew where to go: The New Genisys Exhibit.

He scours many places for a way to get there and finds clues as to where the exhibit is located in. It so turns out to be in the same city he scavenged in and takes one last look at the newspaper to recognize where it's in by looking at the background. He sees that it has two tall buildings behind it, 2 white street lamps, and a grey road.

He waits for the machine to be prepared and repaired first, and look for the right time to get to it. After a few days pass and news about the machine is finally released, he goes to the exhibit

After hours of determined searching, he finally finds it. Little does he know, a terrorist leader named Silas Victor was watching him and many other people through the use of cameras and telepathic powers owned by his minions. He saw how quick, nimble, deceptive, and smart Nick showed to be when he was stealing the supplies and food from the humans like a thief in the night and planned on brainwashing him and turning him into one of his little soldiers. He then orders an elite stealth squad to acquire Nick and the many other people Silas was watching.

It's now 6:40 PM at the exhibit, the scientists are leaving, and the said scientist is about to get his serum. Nick arrives in the exhibit whilst stealthily sneaking past the humans and attempts to find the portal to finally go back home. As Nick made it past the scientist, the alarm is set off when the elite stealth squad Silas sent is detected thanks to the alarm setting off whenever it detected people without the exhibit's proper passes. The scientists quickly evacuate and exit the building knowing very well that the soldiers might kill them. Jensen, who was about to bring one last component to the serum, also quickly runs out of the building.

Nick hurries his search for the machine when he hears the alarm, but soon bumps into some of the squad's soldiers. Running away from them before they so as much even thought about trying to shoot him, he quickly evades them by using his smarts and hides himself in a small lab, locking the door.

"He must be here somewhere... remember, team. Silas' orders are to take him alive." Nick heard a soldier communicate with his team. Another soldier asked, "How would he need get this one stinkin' fox to join his little army?", and was told that Silas would wipe Nick's memory and make the guy a faithful little soldier.

Horrified by what they were going to do to him, Nick quickly looked for something to use against the soldiers and quickly spotted a serum called "Thanatos". Nick quickly recognized this serum because while he was sneaking past the humans, he heard a scientist (Who just newly discovered about Jensen's plot) talking about something suspicious Jensen was up to, saying that he was creating a superhuman serum of sorts labeled, "Thanatos", as he saw Jensen secretly bringing various enhancing components to his lab. The scientists then tried to call the police, but before they could, the alarm was triggered and they ran out of the building in fear.

Nick thought about injecting himself with the liquid, but was worried about the side effects it could bring, but he had not much time to make up his mind, because the soldiers soon found him hiding in the lab and heard them shoot the knob and the lock. But because it was ballistic, it still needed a few more shoots to be brought down.

Nick had no other choice but to inject himself with Thanatos, and was easily knocked out.

Finally opening the door, the soldiers see Nick on the floor with the empty injection beside him. One of them carries Nick on their back and they both attempt to sprint out of the building before police arrived. The soldier carrying Nick started to feel some extra weight on him and heard sounds of meat morphing. He looks behind and sees Nick's body moving erratically all on its own and with many bulges of various sizes and shapes forming all over his body. Quickly dropping Nick to the ground out of pure horror, he and his team look on as Nick turned into a human with fox ears and a tail almost instantly. The body rose up and the soldiers had their guns trained on Nick. Nick opened his eyes, growled like a savage beast and attacked them as sounds of gunfire filled the evacuated exhibit.

The serum also put Nick in a hallucinating, dream-like state, making him think, look, and feel like he was still a real fox. Nick, in his induced dream pressed on and finally found the machine by following sounds of it working. The already active portal also had a panel that allowed one to choose wherever they wanted to go to. It even gave a preview of the chosen location. Nick tried to figure it out and look for Zootopia by pressing the buttons, and soon found the city and saw that it was nighttime in the place.

Overjoyed to have finally gotten back home he quickly enters the portal and finds himself in Zootopia, finally. Wanting to go to Judy's apartment first to reunite with her and rejoice his return with her, he heads there. Waking Judy up, he is greeted not with the same joy or love he had, but with spite.

It is revealed that Judy was just using Nick the entire time (But remember, this is just a dream, not reality), and acted kind to him merely to gain his trust. She knew she would never have solved the case without him, so she came back for him after a few months after the Conference Speech Incident to get a helping hand. And as a bonus, be seen as somewhat akin to that of a celebrity couple composed of two of Zootopia's finest and greatest cops who did so much for the city.

Heartbroken and finally pushed over the edge, but still with some hope (Albeit very, very miniscule) that this was not real, he yells at her and tries to fight her, only for a portal to appear behind him and begin vacuuming everything in its reach. Nick grabs Judy's leg and tries to hold on, while begging for her to help him. Judy only responds by mercilessly kicking him into the portal and having it close, but not before telling him that in case if he ever came back, he'll tell every one that he just tried to murder her and only faked his death just to get under everyone's radar.

He soon wakes up in the same place the portal was located in (Because the movements he made in his dream were copied by his body's reflexes, but the body did not do anything to jump into the portal because it was never really active to begin with), and saw it was no longer working. He tries to get it to activate again and quickly notices his change in appearance.

His muzzle and nose looked like they were smashed in, all of his fur was gone, his skin of of bright peach color, he now had 5 fingers and toes instead of 4 on each hand and foot, and the only things animal about him were his ears and his tail which were intact.

Traumatized with absolutely everything he had to go to, especially his change and appearance and repeated betrayals by so many, he is left depressed, crying and screaming while in a fetal position, and slowly losing all rationality. However, he still thought that maybe it was just an alternate version of Judy from a different universe that did all of this, but his enhanced memory soon kicked in and he remembered everything--It made him lose all hope and trace of goodness within him:

In hindsight, within the first few days/weeks of her career Judy:

Extorted a business

Caused a public disturbance

Blackmailed someone

Falsified probable cause to get around a warrant

Befriended a crime lord ignoring the fact that he threatened to kill 2 people, including an officer

Lied to a civilian to gather information

Broke into a facility again without a warrant

recorded private conversations

Used a minority as a scapegoat

Used said crime lord to threaten someone for information

Caused more property damage

Recorded information on another wire without a warrant

Did the last 3 while not even working for the police department.

So not only did Judy wind up betraying Nick, she also managed to make a fool out of him. Judy's "evil" side was on full display and he did not even notice it: Blackmail, faking probable cause, illegal breaking & entering, endangering so many innocent civilians with that train stunt (just to get some extra evidence), etc. etc.

Jensen, who just remembered he left his serum in the lab, goes back to retrieve it. He sees the dead bodies of the soldiers and was left with fear, but he didn't want to just leave the serum inside the lab after all he did to make it, so he equips himself with a rifle one the corpses held and continued to search the exhibit. But he soon discovers that it was all used up by someone. Enraged, he wrecks everything in his lab in utter frustration, and soon hears Nick's cries. Following where the sounds were coming from. The screams made it sound like the man was undergoing some transformation into becoming an enhanced being, and was quick to think it was the same person who drained his serum.

He soon found Nick near the portal and asked if he was the one who took the serum. Nick only responded by crying and screaming more, not minding the scientist. Jensen then beats up Nick out of frustration and anger for not responding to him and for possibly taking his serum. Jensen pays a deadly price and gets brutally beaten to death with an even more enraged Nick who rips his lower jaw off, smashes his face in, and throws his meaty hulk against the wall.

Nick finally calms down, but continues to weep a bit. He finds the rifle Jensen equipped himself with and wanted to end his own life right there and then. He aimed the rifle at his head, closed his eyes, and pulled the trigger.

But the bullet only bounced off of his super durable head and fell to the ground. Nick opened his eyes in surprise because he couldn't believe it. He didn't stop there, though, and continued to shoot even more rounds into his face--Each and every one of them just bouncing off and hitting the ground like the first bullet. With the clip now empty, Nick threw the gun away in frustration, and sought to find other ways to commit suicide. But before exiting the building, he took Jensen's blood-stained clothes with him and put them on because he did not want people to laugh at him for being naked in public. His enhanced intelligence started to grow a bit, and thought about using his strength to make an exit.

With a quick and powerful punch against the wall Jensen's splattered corpse was on, he made a hole big enough for him to exit out of.

He tried to kill himself by jumping off a building, but only made a big crater on the ground after impacting--He was completely intact.

He tried to blow himself up, and the only result was that he was covered in ash and his clothes were tattered.

As he continued to find ways to commit suicide, 3 thugs try to mug him. They mock him, taunt him, push him around and tick him off. They ended up just like Jensen.

Feeling a sense of emotional pleasure he never felt before, he started to yearn for more vengeance. He thought that he finally figured it all out: Goodness is nothing but an illusion used by everyone to get what they want. It's never really there, only on the surface. And why would he even need to end his own life? He could get revenge on the damn bunny whenever he wanted and do it easily with his newfound powers.

Then he remembered that Silas had an army of supervillains: Probably composed of both brainwashed heroes and villains who were already evil to begin with. Nick knew he had to be a part of something big because he knew that there will be heroes more powerful than even himself, so he'll need all the resources and help he can get.

He kidnaps a little girl, brings her with him and, after eventually finding out where Silas' holdout was located in with the help of his superhuman genius intellect. He tells Silas he wants to join his terrorist organization now that he finally snapped and turned to the dark side, and proved it by shooting the said juvenile girl right in front of him and his minions at point blank range.

Nick is welcomed and accepted into their little "family" and he says, "And gentlemen. Please, call me Nicholas...".

Nick would soon usurp Silas' position as a leader with the help of his brains and brawn and take his whole empire for himself and wage war against the heroes as the new great evil they must face.

And the fanfic doesn't end there, there will be new major characters in the story, superheroes and supervillains with many origin stories, backgrounds, etc.. It just becomes an ongoing series of sorts with Nick as either the villain protagonist or antagonist.

And even as a big bad, Nick continues to act all smug, suave, sophisticated, confident, and more (Somewhat like Loki) because I did not want to butcher his character and turn him into an edgy, goth-loving emo. What's even better is that's he's an extremely competent and frightening combination of both brains and brawn. What's not to love about that?
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