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sailor moon group pic

By reirei18
how long has it been since i last drew them altogether..? XD it felt like such a long long time ago....... *2yrs* >x<"

anyways.. been wanting to draw them in a different style.. and while im at it, im submitting this at theOtaku challenge for HametsuKuro - Your Style

a few questions must be answered for the challenge and thought i'd share it here as well.. ^^;

When did you begin drawing?

- i found myself scribbling sailor moon characters during sailor moon's peak in the Philippines around 1997..? i even have my hair up to rei's hair and declared myself as rei hino back then.. lol.. ok that's totally out of the question.... XD at some point during high school, i got off-track from drawing but i went back on track around 2004 coz thats when i saw the final season of sailor moon for the first time.. in short, it's all because of sailor moon that im drawing up to present and to the future.. *^^*

Did you create your own style or is it an inspiration/mixture of many different famous styles?

- my drawing style is highly influenced by sailor moon anime art style.. im gonna live my life as a loyal sailor moon fan and pass this sailor moon passion to my great grandchildren... lol... >v<!

my drawing style is mostly influenced by whatever anime i watch.. i would try to draw them accurately but i always end up drawing close but not so close to accurate.. i can never draw chibimoon in her original age.... "OTL so i guess thats where my so-called style developed every time i'd draw something.. constant practice failed me to draw accurately but it gave me my art style.. *my hand is stubborn in that sense* XD

How long have you been sticking to your style?

- how long........ ever since i started my own manga, i've been slowly drifting away from the sailor moon style.. but i cant say i've been sticking to one style coz i keep experimenting more styles...if ever that plan is working.. XD

Are you satisfied enough to keep your style going far into the future or do you still think there is room for improvement?

- as for anime/manga style.. im pretty much satisfied how the face looks.. though it looks like an ordinary anime style to me, everybody else has accepted that style for me.. *majority wins* and some of u actually preferred my anime style than my other styles.. XD thus, i dont think there'll be any major changes in my anime/manga style.. there's a lot of room for improvements but not to the extent that it's not noticeably reirei18 style.. lol.. it's just amazing how other people can tell which is mine right away.. <3

as for other styles... i'd like to pursue a more mature drawing style like semi-realism with hints of anime.. more like final fantasy ish.. still in progress of that process.. under development and experiment.. practice and more practice which im just blabbing but i havent really drawn that much lately.. v_v"

but anyways.. underwater is the limit for improvements... a deep deep deeeeeeep deep deep water.... there shall be coffee somewhere.. /@v@\

ps.... happy birthday to me.... *thanks for the wishes* :blowkiss: im 18 again.. jk.. tis my bday gift for myself... lol.... :rofl:
but it was probably a bad idea that i drew this in my sketchbook.. "orz

//end of blog.. jk.. XD


i appreciate the time.. :thanks:
feedbacks are greatly appreciated.. :hug:


cargo :: *magicbut3rfly made a fanclub for me....~~ :glomp:




check out colored version by :iconched101287:

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i love this picture! your really good at drawing!
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thank u very much..~~ :hug:
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it's wonderful!
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Really love the the colorful rainbow shading how long did this take you to do? you have alot of talent for me I can't drawl that well I guess I do better in digital art keep up the great work!.
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thank you.. unfortunately, i dont know how long it took me to do this... i frequently stop and jump to another pic.. XD
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Incredible artwork!!:D
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Oh wow - this is amazing!!
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thank u.. ur comments are always appreciated.. :thanks: :hug:
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could i color this? ~_~
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yes u can..~~ and thanks for the comments.. :hug: pls let me know when ur done with it.. ;)
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wow, it's beautiful!
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cuuute group <33
nice expressions and amazing job X33
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loved it><
could you draw one of just rei&mina?? as lovers??
promise to fave that one XD lol
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I love your style, cute and detailed, wonderful piece of art :love: :love:
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I was a big sailormoon fan growing up, you did a fantastic job :)
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