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commission for :icontigerfey: i dont remember the character but it's a fanart for some younger looking girl than this pic... OTL

pick up at aikon... :dummy:

gaaaah...... im so not prepared for this con but whatevs... im also not satisfied with the print quality i got from this blahblahprintshop... >_> i thought the price includes the trimming but no.... i had to cut every bookmark, prints and posters.. i laid out every image in a poster size to save money.. or so i thought.. i think i did but the cost was my effort doing the trimming and cutting the borders... i feel bad for the guys waiting to use the cutter at staples.. lol... i used it for 3hrs straight.. XD i think i saw some attendants there too printing their stuff..? cram to the max... XD

anyways.. off to aikon..~ :iconstressplz:


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ps: the eyes looks a bit different than your previous works - good way different *^^* -
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really awesome xD i like the stars and the white ribbon <3
great colours for the hair (≧∇≦)

sorry to hear you had to do the trimming all by yourself D: next time you should be more careful where you do your prints xD *hugs*
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I expect the whole ai-kon story later, ok? XD
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Beautiful! I really love the hair!
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wow that helmet is really oversized O_o btw hi lol
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Oh and is it okay if I obsess over you works for long periods of time? I mean this is......psh what are you talkin bout these area all for thank you so much *steals* Hehe jk jk Me lurfs it too much :giggle:
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Oh the talent, oh the beauty it BURNS :jawdrop:
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