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Rebirth Chapter 12
The Introduction
The campfire blazed, casting a red glow on the faces of the two humans on opposite sides of the pit. Rurijo was swaying from side to side on her tiny little talons, appearing to be drunk. It must have been the sake from the ramen place earlier that day.
Kusanagi was safely tucked under Sasuke's arm and his onyx eyes were closed, but that didn't mean he wasn't alert. It was for this reason that he jumped three feet in the air when the silence was finally broken by the girl.
"I'm Suzu by the way."
"And why should I care?" Sasuke asked with a blank voice and expression equally so.
"I just realised we were never formally introduced."
"There are no formalities out here kiddo."
"Kiddo? How old are you?" Suzu asked, annoyed for being considered a child.
"Seventeen. Not that it's any of your business."
Suzu huffed. "Well, I'm fifteen, so you're not really that much older."
"What does 'hn' mean?"
Suzu frowned. Obviously this conversation was not veering in th
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Rebirth Chapter 11
The Blast From The Past
The girl kept following him, and he didn't know why. Every time he looked over his shoulder that annoying little bop in her step irritated him to no end. He thought of spinning on his heel and pinning her to a tree with his sword, it would be easy since she was so frail, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. So he continued to endure her presence and that of the annoying bird, who would not shut up.
And then they arrived at a village. A small excuse for a modern settlement but a village none the less. Where they could restock for what little he could afford.
Suzu watched Sasuke silently and cautiously until something bright and red caught her eye. It was eye-catching. And then her stomach grumbled, loudly. So loudly, Sasuke gave her a dirty look.
It was a Ramen stand. And Suzu was drooling. Sasuke wondered if the universe hated him. Another ramen lover….a blast from the past. An unwelcome one at that.
So he did what anyone would do in that situat
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TobiWaka: Noodles
Tobirama looked up, a noodle slipping from his hair down his cheek, and finally dropping into his own bowl of Ramen. Wakana had been sitting opposite him, but now she was rolling on the floor, laughter erupting from her. It was not the most attractive sight, for she was wearing a kimono and her movements gave him first row seats to her underwear-clad bottom.
"Stop being such a child," Tobirama grumbled as he wiped his cheek, which was now covered in Ramen broth. "There are others here."
As he said this, the other restaurant customers quickly looked away from the scene, none of them wished to face Tobirama's or Wakana's wrath.
Wakana finally sat up, tears falling from all the laughter. She slapped her red cheeks, then returned to her seat. Tobirama glared at her, but she just smiled sweetly. "Lighten up, Tobi."
"Don't call me that," Tobirama grunted. "Also, thanks to your immaturity, I now know you like wearing panties with bears on them."
Wakana looked absolutely horrifie
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TobiWaka - Mornings
Wakana could not place it, but something was not right. There was a nagging feeling in her gut as she climbed into the small boat that something was amiss. A small movement in her subconscious, a constant and irritating ache was forming in her cheek. As the boat moved away from the shore, the feeling increased and a burning sensation began. Wakana lifted her hand to touch her cheek, but there was nothing there. Yet the feeling persisted.
"Wakana?" someone called out her name. But there was no one there. Wait a minute. Wakana's eyes widened as she glanced around her. She was in a moving boat, all alone, and she was definitely not rowing it! 
"Wakana?" someone called out to her again, "Wakana? Wa-ka-na?"
"Go away, Tobirama," Wakana mumbled, finally having escaped from her dream. What a strange dream it was. The burning in her cheek had been Tobirama's attempt at waking her. Although effective, the poking was starting to grate on her nerves. He wasn't stoppin
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Wakana Uzumaki by ReiraKurenai Wakana Uzumaki :iconreirakurenai:ReiraKurenai 53 17 Beniko Uchiha 2.0 by ReiraKurenai Beniko Uchiha 2.0 :iconreirakurenai:ReiraKurenai 20 10 Mikan and Hyourin Hyuuzu by ReiraKurenai Mikan and Hyourin Hyuuzu :iconreirakurenai:ReiraKurenai 9 2 Mikan Hyuuzu: A Normal Day by ReiraKurenai Mikan Hyuuzu: A Normal Day :iconreirakurenai:ReiraKurenai 13 0 The Good Ol' Days by ReiraKurenai The Good Ol' Days :iconreirakurenai:ReiraKurenai 1 0 The Family by ReiraKurenai The Family :iconreirakurenai:ReiraKurenai 0 0
Rebirth Chapter 10
The Lonely
"Why  are you following me?" Sasuke asked as the sun started to lower over the horizon. Suzu did not say anything, but continued walking behind Sasuke. The village was hours behind them already, and with night looming over them, Sasuke knew they, especially the girl, needed rest.
"Go  home," Sasuke ordered, but once again, Suzu ignored him. Rurijo was resting on Suzu's shoulder, nuzzled in-between the messy strands of raven hair. Sasuke sighed, he had to get rid of them, and fast. They would be nothing but a burden to him. Sasuke stopped walking, which made  Suzu freeze behind him. He turned around, grabbed her wrist forcefully and narrowed his eyes dangerously, hoping to scare her. However, all Suzu did was blink.
"Aren't you scared?" Sasuke asked, "I'm a warrior. I've killed people."
Suzu merely smiled. "No, I'm not scared."
"What do you want?" Sasuke asked, even more annoyed than before.
"Nothing," was Suzu's innocent reply.
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JuriTatsu: Softly by ReiraKurenai JuriTatsu: Softly :iconreirakurenai:ReiraKurenai 8 4 Mother, please! by ReiraKurenai Mother, please! :iconreirakurenai:ReiraKurenai 7 0 Mikan Hyuuzu by ReiraKurenai Mikan Hyuuzu :iconreirakurenai:ReiraKurenai 9 2
Chitose Sato
Fandom: Naruto

Character Name :
Chitose (千歳 'thousand years/long life') Satō (佐藤 'help wisteria')
Age : 26
Sex : Female
Occupation : Cryptographer
Specialties : Analysis
Strengths : Excellent deduction skills, intelligent, level-headed
Weaknesses : Shy, tends to keep to herself, fastidious

Likes :
Chitose loves salmon and sesame seeds.  Her favourite colour is blue. She loves reading, especially mystery novels. She also enjoys relaxing in the sun. She enjoys her job, often finding herself lost in it. She also loves children.

Dislikes :
Chitose dislikes chicken and absolutely detests coffee. She hates sappy romance novels and books without proper character.

Quirks :
Chitose has a habit of cracking her fingers.

Personality :
Sensible, patient,
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Random Favourites

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I'm still alive! I recently found some of my incredibly old original artworks and am considering uploading them. :)


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello, and welcome to my dA profile. I do not visit this website frequently, so if I do not reply to messages immediately, I apologise.

You may call me Reira. I usually can be found playing Dragon Age, creating stories with The Sims, or writing fanfiction. When I am not relaxing, I am studying Health Science and Japanese, with the hopes of working in the public health sector (I think).
It has been a very long time! A lot has happened since I disappeared. I've started my bachelor degree (about to start my third year), been to Japan, got into gaming, experienced highs and lows, and will likely be going to the US later this year. Busy, busy, busy! Haha.

I'm not entirely sure what to make of my dA at the moment. I'll have to think about it. But I look forward to seeing everybody else's work again! I don't even know why I stopped logging in, honestly. Guess I just got bored?

Anyhow, even though I haven't been on here in a long time, I've been busy elsewhere on the internet. If you'd like to see my fanfiction and my Sims stories, then feel free to follow the links below. I'm online at tumblr a lot, so if you'd like to chat, find me there! 

It's good to be back.

- Reira

Fanfiction: ReiraKurenai
AO3: ReiraKurenai
Simblr: thesimtraveler
Tumblr: suledinlavellan


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