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The contest closed and the now the responsibility to choose a winner from the amazing list of entries was quite a challenge I have to say that in my eyes any of these top 10 entries could have been the winner and I wish I had more prizes to give a way to everyone, everyone is a winner!

The Top 10 with Extra!

1. Saiko By d4ni-senpai

Mature Content

Reiqs 7 million Saiko by ApricotKnight

This piece is one of my favourites from all the entries I really don't know why, but the style is fresh and the pose is quite natural, I think it's the simplicity and yet well chosen textures that I like the most , also the character reflects the personality of Saiko. Congratulation!

2.Samurai Soul Saiko by Brandon71

Samurai Soul Saiko by Brandon71

Another amazing Saiko Entry, the composition is really good, I enjoyed the redesign of the costume with patterns that are close to the real Samurai armour, what I like also was that is not only Saiko but her summoned dragon in the background was a great addition to the artwork! excellent!

3.Burning games by Mangrowing

Mature Content

Burning Games by mangrowing

Another great entries completely different and original from any of the entries, Candela in a different setting and being the Candela I love, love the little details everywhere and the Reiq Game art book especially cause it's a playstation game :D.

4.Silvanna by Pleroo

Reiq contest by pleroo

Silvanna a character that I haven't Finished to design (legs) and yet this piece show the possibilities of having a more mechanical cyber futuristic Silvanna with a full armour, this one especially reminds me those Gundam, extra attachable sections.  awesome work!

5.Free Falling Silvanna by Merkwurdigliebe13

Freefallin' Silvanna by MihaiRadu

A very complex perspective full of action, love the redesigned armour and the background , like if taken from a  video game! Excellent!

6.Samurai Saiko by  Bluedemon


Probably one of the best colored pieces in the gallery the quality and the amount of details are superb also the redesign of the design is a great touch, it looks like those figurines that come with variant colours, lovely!.

7.Samurai Saiko the comic by G-david

Mature Content

Samurai Soul Saiko by G-David

This was a quite original idea, I've thought so many times of doing a comic about Saiko and this cover show it has potential, I love the composition and the over all design of the comic cover , this can easily be the Issue 0 alternative cover, and the added bondage feeling to the costume is really well done!.

8.Samurai Saiko By Fdo

Samurai Soul_7 Million Contest by FedoGrim

It has been a while since the last time I saw a well done traditional illustration, I;ve tried watercolours before and I know how difficult is to get them right, also I like the background it suits the character very well, great work!

9.Reiq in it in Baby by CE Rap

Mature Content

Reiqin' it in, baby by CE-Rap

A grupal illustration featuring all the characters chosen for the contest, I've never seen my characters with such big mouth LOL, but it works very well,  I liked the different poses for all the character and the facial expression even though I have't seen such a slutty Alex before! Great!

10.Air Alex.

Air ALEX by darkeyez07

From all the alex  done in the contest this is my favourite, I loved the happy and cute face of alex riding a flying skateboard :D  also the colorers are really well done very detailed!



This flash animated illustration was one a big surprise never expect such dedication to do all the girls, plus adding animation and music, loved the music and the variation in colours and designs, Please have a look!

I really wish I had more prizes to give away! I want to thanks all the people  who entered the contest as well to those who started but couldn't make it on time, THANK YOU!.

You can check the rest of the entries here!…
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