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Wonder Woman 52


One of my first full color attempts toa more cartoony art style I've been exploring, definitely feels different and has a more graphic and design aspect that is quite challenging.

I had the though that cartoon were easy to draw, boy I was wrong you need to now a lot about anatomy and and design language to get one of this done correctly, and not sloppy has many people draw them.

its always easy to add details, but make something simplistic and more effective , is a challenge, and I love challenges!

This wonder woman is a based on an old drawing I did long time a go, and wanted to see how it could change with all the stuff I've been studying lately.

hope you like it.
inspired by the master bill pressing.

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This is absolutely magnificent
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I like your animated version of Wonder Woman...  sexy figure and I love that expression on her face.

Thanks for sharing!
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She looks like she belongs in Skullgirls. :)
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Wonder Woman is my All time favorite Super Heroine :3
LaserGunsPewPew18's avatar
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I wish more DC comics had an art style like this.
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LOVE the energy of this! 😃
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Cool love the detail
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Looks so cute

:D (Big Grin) 

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looks cartoony but sill kept your style


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This is totally magnificent!!
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HECK! That's awesome!
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Someone traced your work: [link]
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Love the style!
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Aaaa I love it!! Her expression and her pose, everything is just perfect!
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I like my women a little "front-heavy" if you know what I mean. ;-)
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se ve tambien genial
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love your style applied to the recent re-designs over at DC (Wonder Woman and Catwoman are both in my Favs)
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Simply Amazing.
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