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Samus Aran Metroid Prime

Samus Aran Updated version
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ahh one of the most iconic pieces of Samus Fanart to this day

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Hi I found a different version of this at a site called Sankaku Complex. Did you make more than one version of this?

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This is how she truly defeated those space pirates.
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Samus is so awesome :w00t:
Bro someone steal this pic of yours in case you don't know...…
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this samus is a beatiful, lovely and wonderful girl. Great Job, Greetings :).
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.....who has the power to wipe out all the metroid sand space pirates!
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Someone is still making money of your picture:…
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Reinaldo your artwork exceeded my expectations.
I just love everything about your style and concepts.
It's really mind-blowing how gorgeous you've make your characters.
One can truly appreciate the depths and fantasy of your imagination.
I just want you to know that we appreciate you.
& thank you for sharing them tutorials;
it definitely shows your quality.
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Wow that's amazing! I like the detail to light and is she in space without a helmet now?
Awesome and sexy pic of Samus Aran.Love 
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One of my all-time favorite artworks!!! :w00t:
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Hey Reiq, I see your work posted up here. Someone making money off your work with a bad photoshop to boot.…
At one point wasn't this offered as a poster or a print?
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Nice job, very nice
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