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Samus Aran Corruption updated!

By reiq

I was going through some old artwork and even though people enjoyed this piece I felt it was not that good, so did a little update to change areas I didn’t know to draw at the time. corrected the lighting etc, enjoy!

original version: Samus Aran Corruption by reiq

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How much do you charge for commissions?

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the suits texture looks like it's made out of some sort of water
th3flam1ngdawg's avatar
I Cam Like 20 Times :p
gigity123's avatar
So fuckin sexy
Vornell's avatar
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Just started digital art, what is the method to getting those perfectly straight inking lines?
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geneforson's avatar
^ that this guy said, lol
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More brighter! Nice improvement! A new upgrade!

kiskekokanut's avatar
I like it over the old one!

Her head is more rounded in the right way that it looks more pleasing. It might not look like much of a change at first but I definitely notice it!
RedFalconRanger's avatar
Zero Suit Samus is sexier.
LordKKs's avatar
Head too small, mouth to big, old one better. She looks like a pornstar. You are doing to much hentai REIQ! LoL
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Feel free to leave if you don't like it.
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Simply outstanding work!
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Here's daddy's little girl. :)
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So hot, you should draw a muscle version with big glutes and a strapon
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