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Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Originally a full color marker commission ended up as a full digital enhanced piece for surprisingly it  got a lot of attention on instagram, so I decided to make it a print, why not? XD I'll upload a side to side comparison of the artwork too

if you guys want to get a print they are available on my etsy , also other prints are available

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suprised i didnt see a ''i wish i was that wall'' comment when i was scrolling honestly, cause thats what was going through MY head
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She kind of reminds me of Daisy from Mario dressed as Lara Croft.
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Beautiful! Reiq, you always nailed for me. 
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Love the artwork most perfection
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excellent Clap 
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This is great art good sir! Do you accept commissions for high quality pictures such as these?
Delightful image of Lara!
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Your style is ever transformative Reiq. At first, it was a very polished, shiney, anime-esque dig-detailed piece.
Now, its seems to have a more loose sketchy style, with colors and muscle detail reminiscent of 90s image comics. I love that.
You still have the classic reiq anime style, but with a bit more detail and flair. I especially appreciate the kentic energy in her torn shirt, and the lines over her shirt.

 Definitely something unique to look out for. :)
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Classic Lara, the one and only :thumbsup::thumbsup: .
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bonus points for the classic lara :3
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DELICIOUSHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Ahhh classic Lara, the one that matters, really awesome work Plus supreme good taste for the right choice :D .
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Don't be like that, man. Let me guess, you dislike Reboot Lara because she isn't a bombshell with big tits anymore? I grew up with classic Lara with love, but she needed that apparence change to a more dignified look.
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Dignity involves accept who you are without feeling shame for it, what they did to Lara is body shaming her, catering to SJW and pretend that the classic Lara was flawed. NEws for you, she wasn't, your SJW version does.
They sold her to a vocal minority, you yourself dont love classic Lara on the slightest, your words reeks of body shaming and prudeness, two things you can keep for yourself and shove it up your fucking ass.
SilentMortal's avatar
Well, aren't you the classy one. Right from the start, you start throwing insulting me? Who are you to tell me I didn't love classic Lara? Who the fuck died and made you the president of the facts, huh? You favorite picture of Samus with her tits the size of mars. That's not body-shaming, that catering to perveted fucks like you.

God forbid Lara can't have a normal apparence without you sleaze balls getting bend out of shape about it. Fuck yourself.
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Fuck you SJW, no one wants you here, keep your shitty mouth in Tumblr.
SilentMortal's avatar
Fuck you too, you sleazeball fuck. No one wants your fapping material in their face either. Keep your shitty mouth on Youtube. Me, an SFW? SFW my ass, i'm just pointing out bullshit in your statments.
DieHard300's avatar
I will keep it here, where the Fans of the character are, and where body shaming SJW garbage like you can go eat shit and die.
DieHard300's avatar
:iconsilentmortal: Commenting and Blocking you Coward Son of a Bitch?? To expect from a garbage SJW.

It was you who didn't say anything new to begin with. I gave you an argument and called you for what you are, and you didn't answer.
Your only argument is to shit on the classic Lara because you dont like her body. Have I called anything the new Lara?, No. You on the other hand said classic Lara had No dignity, no Fan of classic Lara would say such thing.

You are the typical SJW Liar Scum, none of you were ever into videogames, you are just a bunch of Bandwagon dumbfucks, videogames become trendy and you just jump on the Train. And of course as Prude Assholes you are you have nothing to do but shit on everything.
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