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Korra Drawings from The Drawing Club

By reiq
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Korra Drawings from The Drawing Club, I tell you the model that day had a different haircut and i was trying to remember how was her hair style so I changed the hair in different drawings I think I failed in some also I tried different styles and tools, from color pencil to markers to brush pen, each tool makes you draw differently I feel.

she was a very shy Korra kinda sad too.

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Very Nice work! LOVE the different styles!
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I really like your depictions of Korra. One of my favorites.
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really fantastic!
G-R-I-M-M-W-O-L-F's avatar
Nice to see you change your style |3
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I love this series of drawings... they have such heart and character. 
they look a bit glum, but with attitude! & always sexy :)
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Good work! Great audacity to try different styles.
I can see your Manga influence it them, except for the one to the far right -- it has a French-European vibe to me and because (merely that) of the arms that mask most of her face, she could be mistaken to Sailor Jupiter in a convention.happyblush 
My opinion, the one in the center is almost Jim Lee-esque if I may say. I especially like your tones of black around the head (for her hair) and on the arm that holds her chin.
But the one that stands out for me is the one where she is leaning against the barrel. It's the more natural one to me.

"she was a very shy Korra kinda sad too"
Loved the entire Korra series. Anthing about the Avatar really.
Kind of a bummer to learn she was a bit down... maybe exhausted? It is said to be arduous work for people that aren't used to model in this fashion.
I have a source that says she came to see your work at the end of the evening.
Just an idea, but did you thought about sending her a scan/copy along with your autograph? As if trying to sheer her up or offering her somewhat of a souvenir of this experience as it may... Cheer up 
Or was she content with the picture I heard she took.:wink: rvmp 
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Wonderful sketches. I especially like the one of her leaning on her hand with her big poofy pants
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Nice collections of sketches!
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Love when artists draw the same char in different styles. Nice :3
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Absolutely AWESOME !! The Sassy-ness and her grouchy expressions on her face is SPOT ON !! KUDOS Heart 
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dios, me encanta como se ve la que esta recargada en el barril
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Damn :D Love the variation in styles, and the expressions too
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Great! You switch between styles easily, korra looks great everytime!
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Lovely work on all of them!~
Your style is changing. Not that the old one was bad... or this one is better... oh never mind   ;)
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Very amazing and beautiful
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Dang I love your drawings. Your sketches are so amazing :)
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