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I need help... To be the chords in a rock song and have the sound replace my decayed insides. I just want to vomit up all my depression and be okay like I was before. Maybe if for one second I can just purge the words I needed to express my dying inside I would be holy. I would be able to waltz through life. Please free me. Someone please. I can't take this anymore. I just want to be a song. A song that can fill someone, fill the dark spaces between organ and bone In a way that I was never filled. I want to cry and have the tears come out in sounds of woe and malice. Have my flesh slip away and be shiny and new underneath. To be forgot
Death of a Snowflake
There are snowflakes that drifted down And melt around your eyes If you just smile a little I'll know, for sure, you're okay. I'll hold you close so you won't forget me And we can walk this path together And until we stop all I'll have left Would be the feeling of your hand in mine. Please erase your hesitation. It's enough even if it's only for a second. Escape into the gallows of broken sound Can I say it? I love you. Please hold my hand without hesitation And if by tomorrow you've grown distant Know that my love for you will remain unchanged. When I see you on the other side of a dream I beg of you, don't be mad. There are snowflak
Birthday Bath AXU
Birthday Bath Even thought it was early in June the days were already getting hot. Aoi was glad that they would be leaving the city for a few days this weekend. It would be Uruha's birthday and they were going on a retreat together. Everything was packed and ready to leave in the morning. Aoi had one surprise that the other guitarist was going to love. He smile to himself as he left their apartment to gather everything for the evening ahead. He stopped at the post office to pick up everything he had ordered for the bathroom. It was the one room that Uruha was never satisfied with, no matter how many times he decorated it. Aoi had been onl
Accessory Addiction RXR
Accessory Addiction     Yet another weekend wasted on shopping, Reita thought to himself. He looked at the ever growing amount of bags he was carrying and shook his head. He had already been dragged through half the mall, looking at whatever caught his petite lovers attention. This time it was a new selection of sunglasses in the display window. How many pairs did one person honestly need?     He walked up to the smaller man as he tried on yet another style. He couldn't help the smile that came across his face as he saw the other checking his reflection from different angles. Ruki was always so damn picky about how everything needed to l
One Year Dream
One Year Dream Kai was usually bad about remembering things, especially dates. This was one that he would never forget though. One year ago today. The group had just finished touring and everyone was exhausted. When they had finally gotten to Tokyo everyone had said their farewells and gone home. He hadn't expected to hear from any of them for at least a week. After he had gone to his apartment he had slipped off his shoes and headed straight to bed. He was woken up a few hours later by a persistant knocking on his front door. Normally he was a pretty level headed person but after the demands of living on the road and all the lives he on
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hello ! You don't know me but by mistake I  made a gift art for you lol…
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Thank you so much for all the faving some of my work ^^
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