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The fall of The Valorians

Based in Dino-Riders series =)
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Holy shit, awesome lol
Nice piece, but there was no grass back then.
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is this a game?
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it will soon be. the game has nothing to do with dino riders from the fanart but close enough... :)…
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ok well thanks for pointing that game out looks epic
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Nop. Just a fan Art.
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All hail Lord Krulos!!!
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Epic is the only word that comes to mind. I can’t even begin to describe how incredible this is.

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This is incredibly¡¡¡¡¡ ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING PICTURES I SAW about DinoRiders, I am a Fan of that Toyline... i still have my collection and i know the story... this picture shows how they would look like if they will return in production, series, movie, toys, etc...

There is a website made it by a fan of DinoRiders, and has the Fanfare and Artfan section, this piece would be one of the best, if is not the Best of all... Thanks for sharing. Congratulations :)
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thank you so much for the tip ;)
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Changos!!! creo que no te voy a alcanzar jejejeje esta de lujo mi amigo
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Awesome and totally kickass!
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Absolutely epic!!!
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Not much, just a fan made I wanted to do for a long.

Technical data? was created with maya 2012, maxwell render 2.7, vue 10 xstreme and photoshop CS5 :)
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Any more info, regarding this pic? Is there any story behind it?
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