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Vesperia Kindergarten by Reinohikari Vesperia Kindergarten by Reinohikari
Bonus for those who actually are reading my coments! A little story:
Patty: Esteru no pantsu, Estery no pantsu(Estelle's panties...)
Estelle: Patty ale dlawing my pantie!
Yuri: Evelything's gonna be okay Estelle! I'll plotect you!
Flynn: Look! Look! A mouse!
Rita: It dossn't look like a mouse! And you wlote "mose"* which means moss in an other lanuage
Flynn: whoah, is it that bad?!
Rita: uh...
Karol: ZZZZZZZzzzz
Judith: tehee!
Ossan: (thinking) I wanna draw too
Yuri: oh look! an occhan!
Ossan: don't call me occhan, call me onii-san
Rita: shut up occhan!
Flynn: Yuli, Lita-chan don't be so lude!
Estelle: occhan?
Flynn: Yuli! What have you done?!
Yuri: what? I diddn't do anything!
Estelle: what is wrong about calling occhan, occhan?
Flynn: youl mommy and daddy said that I have to keep youl mouth pule**
Rita: eeek, hentai!*slaps FLynn*
Yuri,Estelle, Rita, Patty: occhan! occhan! occhan!
Flynn: Yuli!!!!!
Estelle: buaaaaaaaaa! Flynn! don't hurt Yuli!
Yuri: Estelle...
Estelle: Yuli....
*Yuri and Estelle are kissing*
Flynn: Yuli!!!!!
Rita: why??? you ale mine!!!!
Flynn: Lita...
Rita: baka! Furen no baka!(Flynn you ****(If you don't know what baka means you should visit a doctor....)
Patty: young people these days....
Ossan: and you are sayin' that o.O

To be continiued....

Written by: J.A.C.

they're small children so they can't say "r" jet. Ossan is japanese for old man, in other words what they say in the JAPANESE versions of the game. Occhan is an other way to say Ossan. Onii-chan means big brother and used by japanese kids on older teen boys that are kind to them, onEE-chan means big sister. *mose is NORWEGIAN for moss. **pule, since Flynn can't say "r" jet he says pule instead of pure in this little weird story, Rita is calling Flynn hentai(btw hentai means pervert in japanese) because pule is the last letter in WTF in norwegian. I and my friend J.A.C. support both Yuri x Estelle and Flynn x Rita, but he supports Flynn x Patty too... As you can see here doesn't she only talk like an old man, but act like one too. But she's MUCH cooler than ossan! That they are in kindergarten was inspired by this cute, nee?

Base: [link] by :iconemiggax:

[Edit] WOW :wow: people really loves this! My first deviation ever that many people has faved and collected at one day! But... please :iconcommentplz:! I wanna know what people like about it! So please tell me! Because I wanna get better, but when nobody ever comments my pictures I don't know what I can improve and if it is really good please tell me!
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pineapplevesperia Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011
awwww so cute :3
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2011
thanks ^^
pineapplevesperia Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
KaidaRita Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010
Abby: XD awesome. my sis and i (we share accounts) were like rita X flynn is so cute, but then we thought 'isn't he too old for her anyways?'. Its not like a huge gap, probably about 6 years...not tht bad. but still this is very cute!
Ally: I think I get why Rita called him a perv...I'm slow
Abby: She really is *pats baby sis on her head* :)
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2010
thanks^^ I think those who supports Rita x Ossan are kinda... uh... perverts? between Rita and Ossan is there 20 years... YAY for more Rita x Flynn supporters ^^
KaidaRita Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Yeah, the age gap between rita and ossan and kinda...ew. But its unfortunate that there is no like...definite couples in ToV. Its like one of the Tales games that doesn't have one...Estelle and Yuri awesome together, and Rita and Flynn are so adorable together.
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010
I think the game hints to :iconestelle-x-yuri: cuz' they're adults(Y=21-22 E=18) and adults asking for the other's hand is a way of proposing used since ancient times... that's probably also the reason why Estelle didn't understand the :highfive: the 1st time...
KaidaRita Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2010
It does hint a Yuri/Estelle couple. Especially that last scene, where everyone had moments with one of the other members of the group. Rita and Judith. Karol and Raven. Yuri and Estelle. And Repede...wandered off to who knows where
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2010
he takes care of Yuri and Estelle, the talking they have together can't be anything else than a cofession! In the ps3 version Patty and Flynn are talking together causing one of my friends to support Patty x Flynn. But he kinda likes Rita x Flynn, too... in his fanfic, do I really wonder who he'll put Flynn with... At least not Sodia, who's in jail for the murderer of Yuri Lowell... you can read it here if you want: :iconjac-kun: but he has :writersblock: and is also working on a game and a story he wants to make into a novel. so yeah, he's working hard....
Navi-Bases Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2010
Your friend J.A.C is my new best friend. Patty x Flynn is like, awesome. Not many fans, though XD
Reinohikari Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010
lol, I'll tell him ^^. He's writing on a story now, but he can't decide if the extra couple should be Rita x Flynn or Patty x Flynn...
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