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The vampire chuckled silently to himself as he licked his lips clean from blood. People that didn't know he was a vampire looked oddly at him as if he was a madman. The vampire had once been treated like he was a monster by humans, the ones he now treated like withering flowers he as a bee had to take the last nectar from before they withered completely. However, unlike bees, he had no destination nor a goal. He just did whatever he pleased and did whatever he found fit. Maybe flirt with the woman he saw entering a bar yesterday then drain every last drop of blood? Nah, too clichè. Explore the bat cavern? Nah, too heroic. He continued walking trying to find something fun to do. Travelling from withering flowers to even more withering flowers could get boring, and he understood why bees died so quickly. Why did he take her? Because she asked to? He shook his head and stretched out his arms in a way of Christ. Feeling the rising sunlight tearing up skin and flesh. Right before it went for chords and bones he said silently "Just wait a little An Maria, I am coming to thou soon."
I know that his olde englishe isn't perfect, I tried to find a guide but I didn't find any... And I wasn't sure which category to put it in...

Explanation: he drank his only friend and love intrest's blood when she was old and in pain, asking him to take her life as her friend and she was his only friend. So even she always changed apperance, when he always wouldn't look older than in like his early 20s. Her name is supposed to feel very pure, it's based on the norwegian name Anne Marie, which according to Statistisk Sentralbyrå is shared by 5613 women in Norway.

His name huh... not sure, please share what you think might fit him! He's chukling because he's about to cry, lying to himself to be able to live on. The reason people are awake so early near sunise is because it's in the older times when they had a long way to walk to work and poor people didn't have horses so they had to start walking there early. It's in the times of people travelling to towns from their farms to start working in factories. Sorry I don't remember which year... And uh ^^; does butterflies use nectar too? I forgot ^^;. But still he kinda fits a bee since he can help humans like working with them, kinda like a bee makes honey, but they fear him, and humans fear bees since they buzz... and bird added to picture.. because it needed something to fill in there... ^^;



Story (c) *Reinohikari

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January 7, 2013
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